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Dallas Radio Battle Heats Up



We have us an apparent ballgame in the radio sports talk competition that for years has been dominated by SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket. If the first ratings book of 2015 is any indication, the new year may be an interesting study.

In the January ratings released this week, 105.3 FM The Fan and KESN 103.3 FM, aka ESPN Radio, made significant strides.

In the demographic that matters most because it pays the bills – men 25-54 – the score for the month was: Fan 4.2; Ticket and ESPN tied at 3.2.

Consider that in January 2014 the numbers were: Ticket 6.0; ESPN 3.1; Fan 2.7 and you can see how the universe has shifted.

For more egalitarian readers, among all listeners the final ratings were: Fan 2.6; Ticket and ESPN tied again at 1.8.

There’s little question that the Fan benefited from broadcasting two Sunday Cowboys playoff games and the Super Bowl while ESPN, which is run by the same folks who manage the Ticket, got a lift from college football’s three playoff games as well as the Cotton Bowl.

In the radio business, there is often a lingering residual effect from broadcasting big events. Listeners bleed over to regular programming.  That’s the way the radio game is played.

So let’s delve deeper into men between the ages of 25 and 54.

Looking at the weekday ratings that feature the high-priced local talent from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. it was: Ticket 4.0; Fan 3.6; and ESPN 3.5.

A year ago those numbers were Ticket 7.6; ESPN 3.4; Fan 2.3.

It’s odd that given the Cowboys success and college football’s national championship game that combined listenership ratings for all three sports talk stations dropped from January to January, but that’s what the numbers show.

As usual, the Ticket’s “Musers” topped the morning sports talk mix master but there are new leaders in other day parts.

The Fan’s “G-Bag Nation” was No. 1 among sports talk stations middays and ESPN’s Afternoon Show topped afternoon drive.

The highest-rated weekday hour at the stations in men 25-54 was, as usual, turned in by the “Musers.” They scored an 8.4 share at 7 a.m.

The highest rated local hour at ESPN was “The Afternoon Show” at 4.9. Tops at the Fan was “Shan & R.J.” at 7 a.m. with a 5.4.

Credit to the Dallas Morning News who originally published this article

Sports Radio News

Paul Allen: ‘Miraculous’ That Patrick Beverley Silenced Stephen A. Smith

“We need provocative stuff; we need guys to get outside of the box and give us interesting stuff, so I’m here for what Pat [Beverley] had to say.”



Those people who closely follow the NBA know that there is bad blood between point guards Patrick Beverley and Chris Paul. Beverley took the feud to ESPN earlier this week, discussing Paul and the Phoenix Suns’ playoff exit on Sunday. Part of his criticism was related to Paul’s lackluster play and inadequacies on the defensive end of the ball, calling him a “cone” since they always remain idle.

“Go get someone who’s not an elite defender and have him up here talking,” said Beverley on Monday’s edition of Get Up. “Y’all got Patrick Beverley up here; I’m going to give you Patrick Beverley truth. I can’t give you the next man’s truth.”

Tuesday morning, Paul Allen welcomed SiriusXM NBA Radio and Mad Dog Radio host Rick Kamla to his show on KFAN in Minneapolis. They discussed how Beverley stood out across ESPN programming.

“When you go on an ESPN panel show, do you go hard…or soft?,” asked Kamla. “They’re not going to ask you back if you go soft and Pat [Beverley] is trying to lay the foundation for a post-playing career with ESPN. He’s got a big mouth; he’s got a lot to say; he’s very provocative… so I think he’s going to do very well in that space.”

Throughout the week on First Take, Beverley has been debating Stephen A. Smith, and at times, has been able to silence him during their discourse. That is no small feat, according to Allen.

“Patrick Beverley found a way to silence or quell the audible nature of Stephen A. Smith, which is miraculous,” Allen said.

Paul has been selected to nine NBA all-defensive teams throughout his 17-year NBA career, and has been named an all-star 12 times. While Kamla affirmed that his defensive impact is not what it once was, he believes that calling Paul a “cone” was perhaps hyperbolic on Beverley’s part, he still said it was valuable to ESPN and the audience.

“We need provocative stuff; we need guys to get outside of the box and give us interesting stuff, so I’m here for what Pat [Beverley] had to say,” explained Kamla.

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107.5 The Fan To Present Stage Show in June

“Tickets for the event went on sale Wednesday morning.”



All four local weekday hosts from 107.5 The Game in Indianapolis will take part in a live stage show next month. The event, titled A Night in the Fan Cave, will take place at the Indiana Historical Society.

Kevin Bowen Jake Query, Dan Dakich, and JMV will be on stage to talk sports, tell a few jokes and take listener questions.

Tickets for the event went on sale Wednesday morning. For $65, fans get access to the show and free food and beverages. There will also be a pre-show reception and a chance afterward for attendees to take pictures with the 107.5 The Fan crew.

A Night in the Fan Cave is presented by Forum Credit Union. The preshow reception is presented by Larceny and Evan Williams Bourbon.

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Jim Nantz: ‘Players Are Realizing Being In A Top NFL Booth Is A Big Deal’



Much has been made in the media about Tom Brady joining the NFL on FOX booth after his playing days are over. The majority opinion has been that Brady won’t succeed.

But if you ask Jim Nantz, Brady is going to be a home run.

“He’ll be very well prepared. That goes without saying,” Nantz told Rich Eisen on Tuesday. “I think he’ll be very good. I don’t have any question about it.”

Nantz speaks from having spent the last five seasons alongside former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo at CBS. Romo has been widely praised for his analytical skills and abilit

“I’m thrilled that he’s going to have a voice in the sport,” Nantz continued. “I think what’s happened here recently is that everybody has realized that that platform, being an elite analyst on one of the very few, handful of packages in the NFL, it’s a big deal. And you’re extremely relevant and people are listening to everything you say. And Tom will be up to the challenge.

“I never had a doubt that he would be a genius at this. I had a friendship with Tony that went back many years before the arranged marriage by CBS that put us in the booth together.

“I don’t pull against anybody. I’m not trying to outsmart, outdo this. We’re just trying to be the best that we can be, and I just like our situation of having the chance to work 21 weeks a year together having fun conversing, looking at one another face-to-face.”

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