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Riggins Joins 106.7 The Fan



Two weeks after ESPN 980 introduced Clinton Portis as its newest Redskins analyst, 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday announced that Hall of Famer John Riggins will provide radio commentary about his former team two days a week throughout the season.

Beginning Aug. 14, the day after the Redskins’ first preseason game, Riggins will join The Fan’s Chad Dukes on his regularly scheduled show for an hour every Friday at 5 p.m. During the regular season, Riggins will also join Dukes on Mondays at 5 p.m. to review Sunday’s game and co-host a show with Grant Paulsen from 6 to 7:45 p.m. leading up to The Fan’s “Monday Night Football” coverage.

Riggins, one of the more colorful personalities in Redskins history and the only player ahead of Portis on the franchise’s all-time rushing list, says his role will be part analyst, part entertainer.

“I really think people probably want to know how the team is doing,” Riggins said Wednesday. “There’s moments where you throw in a little yesteryear. I’ll tell you, I go for the laughs. I slept through the meetings when I was a player, so I don’t know a lot about football, but I know a lot about people. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be entertaining. And there may be a little information in there somewhere.”

Riggins’ last regular gig as an analyst was during the 2011 season, when he provided commentary, often critical of Mike and Kyle Shanahan, for WTOP and MASN. Since then, he has starred in a hunting and cooking show called “Riggo on the Range” that debuted on the Sportsman Channel and later aired on Comcast SportsNet. He filmed a pilot episode for a show called “Brew Stories” — synopsis: Riggins travels the country in search of the perfect beer — but, somehow, it hasn’t been picked up.

“I needed to make a paycheck,” Riggins said of his return to radio. “‘Riggo on the Range’ was great and I had a lot of fun. I can’t thank [producer] Art Major enough, but it just wasn’t commercially successful like we hoped. When the opportunity [to join 106.7] came along, I was more than willing to share my opinion with the fans.”

“We’re excited about it,” 106.7 The Fan program director Chris Kinard said. “…From our discussions, he’s really been paying attention [to the Redskins] and always kind of keeping an eye on what’s going on with the team and the direction the team’s going in.”

Riggins plans to attend the first of the Redskins’ three joint practices with the Houston Texans in Richmond on Thursday. He said he’ll be monitoring the team’s attitude because “that will probably tell you more than anything how they’ll do.” Riggins has followed the Redskins’ offseason moves, including the hiring of GM Scot McCloughan, but he’s hesitant to allow himself to be too optimistic about their chances for improvement.

“Wouldn’t you really say that we went through this with Mike Shanahan?” Riggins said of the almost universal praise that followed McCloughan’s hiring. “Who would’ve thought that that would’ve turned out the way it did? Nobody. They’re bringing in one guy. Is he going to be the lightning rod? Perhaps, but who knows? … People talk about what might happen. We know from the past that they’re guilty until proven innocent. That’s what you go in with. Then, if anything changes, you’re pleasantly surprised. It’s not being overly pessimistic, it’s just being realistic.”

Credit to the Washington Post who originally published this article.

Sports Radio News

Jay Glazer Tells Pat McAfee About Mental Health Struggles

“Glazer devotes time to mental health advocacy and is also heavily involved with Merging Vets & Players.”



Courtesy: The Pat McAfee Show

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer has been public about his battles with mental health, and he opened up about what he experienced on The Pat McAfee Show following his recent interview with Lane Johnson.

The Eagles’ offensive tackle sat down with Glazer a few weeks ago to dive into the mental health struggles that have kept him from playing in multiple games this season.

“It’s so funny, man,” Glazer told McAfee. “When I did the Lane Johnson interview a couple of weeks ago. That Friday, I had a mental health breakdown at about 3 o’clock in the morning. It woke me up, which doesn’t happen often, and it woke me up with this feeling of dread and doom, like, man, my world is just coming to an end. And I don’t dictate the rules of this thing. I just fight back against it.”

Glazer devotes time to mental health advocacy and is also heavily involved with Merging Vets & Players. The foundation helps athletes and veterans come together and help one another transition to lives off of the battle and playing fields. He has also written about his mental health journey in the book Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety into Motivation and You Can Too.

“I was supposed to go to dinner with Michael [Strahan] that night,” Glazer continued describing the attack, telling McAfee he had trouble discussing it with Strahan.

“So this guy has been my best friend for 30 years,” Glazer told McAfee. “I never, ever, ever, in 30 years, went to him until two weeks ago and said, ‘hey I’m having a bad day, I’m struggling.’ and he’s like, ‘why haven’t you talked to me about it?’ and I said, ‘I don’t make the rules with this thing.'”

Those last eight words from Glazer highlight the most confounding part about every person’s mental health struggles: they are all unique. No one is suffering the same way or projecting those struggles onto others in the same fashion.

Watch Glazer’s entire back and forth with McAfee above; it’s worth the time.

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Sports Radio News

Boomer & Gio: Why Does New York Post’s Premium Sports Site Exist?

“The stuff that is Post Sports+ I wouldn’t touch with somebody else’s eyes.”



With the departure of Steve Somers from WFAN, along with the implementation of new premium subscription services, such as The Athletic and ESPN+, WFAN welcomed sports media columnist for The New York Post Andrew Marchand to the program to talk about the latest happenings across the industry. The conversation centered around a foray into the concept of “Post Sports+,” a new paid subscription service being offered by The New York Post which is being branded as “A whole new ball game for The Best Sports in Town.” Many of Marchand’s columns about the latest news in sports media are available to read for free on The New York Post website, and he often tweets about the latest news in the industry on his own personal Twitter page, making his role within the service seem, at least to the hosts of Boomer and Gio, confounding.

“I read the New York Post sports section every day,” said Gregg Gianotti. “I think it’s some of the best reporting that we have in the City… I’m a guy who is consuming your stuff every single day. The stuff that is Post Sports+ I wouldn’t touch with somebody else’s eyes… If you’re going to do Post Sports+, why not put the good stuff behind the paywall?”

Marchand explained the strategy being enacted by The New York Post to augment its revenue stream.

“I think what we’re doing is more additive,” said Marchand. “[For] people that have read the Post online previously, nothing’s changed. If you like sports media, I’m now doing a Monday newsletter all about sports media [where] I’m trying to give you more in terms of inside the business. That’s extra, and part of your monthly subscription… Obviously, what we’re trying to do is add revenue, but do it without taking that core business where we’re getting millions of people every day who come to the website.”

Marchand continued to elaborate on the strategy when pressed by Giannotti regarding just who this subscription service was appealing to, ostensibly positing that it is an effort to ensure that The New York Post stays around for another 220 years.

“You’re not getting everybody,” elucidated Marchand. “That’s not how a subscription works. If you get one out of 10 people, then you have a chance at success. Because of the digital world, [distribution] has changed. Back in the day, The New York Post could only reach as far as the trucks would drive. Now [with] distribution, you can reach around the world. I don’t know our demographics of Post Sports+, but in theory, when you look at a subscription site, you get a certain amount that’s additive revenue to The New York Post, and that’s the idea behind it.”

Show co-host and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason then chimed in on the discussion, discerning what he does when WFAN asks him to participate in extra station activities, such as meeting with sponsors, in a lighthearted exchange.

“I wouldn’t really do a lot,” said Esiason. “I used to do a lot. No more — I just tell them to go eff off and leave me alone… No, I’m just kidding.”

“That might have worked with [Mark] Chernoff, but is that going to work with Spike Eskin?,” questioned Marchand, generating laughter in the studios at 345 Hudson St.

Esiason then spoke about the burden it is for him to be bothered by multiple subscription services from The New York Post; that is, having to subscribe to both the paper itself and Post Sports+ to get a full plethora of stories. He believes the paper is making a mistake in this regard, and, as a writer, Marchand agrees.

“I’ve asked about that because I actually agree with you on that one,” said Marchand. “I’ve been told that they’re working on that. I tend to agree that there should be some sort of deal there — [maybe] if you’re paying for The New York Post app, maybe you get Post Sports+?”

Whatever the future holds for Post Sports+, Marchand figures to be covering the world of sports media across multiple platforms, aligning with the approach many sectors of traditional and digital media are beginning to take in producing and distributing their content to the largest audience possible.

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Sports Radio News

Nick Cattles Named PD, Host At KHTK In Sacramento

“I couldn’t be happier or more excited to join a brand with such a rich tradition.”



Nick Cattles is trading the Atlantic Ocean for the Pacific. The Virginia Beach host has been named the new program director and afternoon drive host at Sports Radio KHTK in Sacramento.

The move to northern California signals the end of Nick’s time with ESPN Radio 94.1. Cattles enjoyed two stints with the Max Media radio station, separated by two different opportunities in Boston with 98.5 The Sports Hub. Cattles had been ESPN Radio 94.1’s afternoon drive host since 2017. Over the past few years Cattles additionally hosted on a part-time basis for WEEI and the ESPN Radio network.

“I couldn’t be happier or more excited to join a brand with such rich tradition,” Cattles said in a press release. “I look forward to this challenge and doing whatever I can to make sure KHTK remains the king of sports talk in Sacramento.”

Jason Ross, who currently serves as the afternoon host and PD of KHTK, will remain with the station. He also will continue to be heard as the radio voice of both Sacramento State and the Sacramento Kings.

“The Sports Programming team at Bonneville International has had our eye on Nick for a while and we couldn’t be more excited that he will be joining our team in Sacramento to lead KHTK,” Chad Rufer, Group Director of Programming for Bonneville Sacramento said in a press release.

Cattles is part of the BSM Member Directory and learned of KHTK’s opening through BSM.

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