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Trump Discusses Sports and Politics with Cowherd



Republican Presidential candidate and billionaire television personality Donald Trump joined Colin Cowherd’s program on FS1 Monday.

The conversation covered a number of topics including Trump’s friendship with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, how he’ll approach the process of selecting a running mate, owning a sports franchise, and more.

Here are some of the highlights:

On the subject of Trump receiving more news coverage than the other candidates:

“In your business, it’s about ratings. That is one of the reasons you are so good and one of the reasons I happened to see you. In the old days, prior to this cycle, they would have very few people watching these debates and the networks literally didn’t want them. What happens is that it is all about the ratings and I can understand why they ask me more questions, frankly.”

On whether running for President is potentially damaging to his powerful business brand:

“It’s not good for business and it’s not a positive from that standpoint. But I’ve seen so many things go so bad  and you look at what’s happening with our country, I just looked at it and I said, ‘I’m going to do it.’ It takes courage to run for President. Believe me, they really come at you 15 different ways, but I really didn’t care, I just wanted to do it.”

On his friendship with Tom Brady:

“I think Tom is one of the great athletes. He is one of those few people who does better under pressure and you’re born with that. They have all sorts of psycho-analysts and everything else, but you’re born with it and I’ve seen it over the years. You don’t see it often, it’s very rare, but you’ll see it with the great champions and Tom is one of them.

On sports gambling and daily fantasy sports:

“I’m OK with it because it’s happening anyway. Whether you have it or you don’t have it, you have it.”

On the perception that the NFL is tone deaf and an opinion on the movement to make the game less physically violent:

“The NFL has handled a lot of situations pretty badly, but it continues on. I hope they don’t soften the game up too much by the way. I was reading yesterday they might not do [kickoffs] anymore and eventually you’re not going to have the same game. Don’t make it too politically correct. It’s a violent game.”

On what if any professional sports teams he would ever be interested in owning:

“I’m from New York and I’d say maybe the Yankees. I think Dallas [Cowboys] and different teams are really well thought up from the standpoint of monetary value, but probably the Yankees.”

On if he would choose any of the competing candidates for the Republican nomination to be his Vice Presidential running mate:

“It’s very early and first I want to win. A lot of people, they talk and they talk too much and they talk about who they are going to choose and in the meantime, they don’t win, so I want to focus on winning. It’s too soon, but there could be a potential couple of people up on that stage that I like, because I do like a few of them a lot. I just want to win it first and then I’ll worry about it, I don’t like people that talk too early.”

Sports Radio News

Paul Bissonnette: ‘Wayne Gretzky’s Kids Helped Me Land TNT Gig’

“Paul Bissonnette said that Ty and Trevor reached out to their dad shortly after they heard that he was going to part of TNT’s NHL plans.”



If you’re going to party, party with the right people. That is a lesson that has served Paul Bissonnette well. He told Pat McAfee that it lead directly to a relationship with Wayne Gretzky and to a job on TNT’s NHL studio show.

Before he broke through as the host of Barstool’s Spittin’ Chiclets podcasts, Bissonnette played six seasons in the NHL. Most of that time was spent with the Arizona Coyotes. He got to the team a year after Wayne Gretzky was the coach.

Even after he was fired, Gretzky kept his home in the Phoenix area. His sons Ty and Trevor lived there with another friend while they attended Arizona State University. Bissonnette described the home as a mansion and said he attended a lot of parties there.

“Let’s put it this way, I was batting 1.000 at this place,” he told McAfee. “The girls were like everywhere.”

Partying with the Gretzky sons opened the door to gaining Wayne’s trust. Paul Bissonnette said that Ty and Trevor reached out to their dad shortly after they heard that he was going to part of TNT’s NHL plans.

“That was an easier transition to meeting him because they actually vouched for me and told him, when he got the TNT gig, ‘Hey, you’ve gotta get Biz on. He does Spittin’ Chiclets. I think it would help the broadcast.’ Wayne ended up putting in a good word and then it all worked out.”

Co-host AJ Hawk asked Bissonnette what it was like to now be friends with someone that was an icon to him in his youth. Bissonnette described Wayne Gretzky as a “guy’s guy” and said he values time spent in The Great One’s dressing room drinking beer and telling stories.

“Buddy, it’s a dream come true, and that alone is incentive enough for me to fly out here once a week or twice a week and do this gig.”

The interview was a lot of fun and ended with Paul Bissonnette acknowledging that there are two unsung heroes of his personal and professional lives.

“I really gotta thank his kids Ty and Trevor for the introduction and for helping me get laid.”

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Scott Zolak: Tom Brady Should Retire And Go To Fox Right Now

“When I hear Tom Brady say how he has more to prove, what exactly, what is it?!”



Whenever Tom Brady decides to actually quit playing in the NFL for good, we now know what his next chapter will be.

News broke Tuesday that Brady has signed a contract to become the new lead analyst for FOX’s top NFL broadcast booth. The deal, according to reports, is for 10 years, $375 million.

Scott Zolak and Marc Bertrand came back from commercial break on Tuesday after having just talked about Brady’s move when they heard the official financial figures involved in the deal.

Zolak said there’s no question Brady should quit sooner rather than later.

“When I hear Tom Brady say how he has more to prove, what exactly, what is it?!” he said. “Like those numbers? Come on!”

Bertrand took the conversation in a different direction saying that this mega-contract is setting Brady up to eventually be a sports team owner.

“Ownership of something will be in play,” he said. “With his connections, as he’s starting to spread out…There’s something else coming on top of this after this. This is step one of the process. This guy’s got a plan.”

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Bob Heussler Reflects On WFAN Career

“I will be in the rotation a little bit. It’s not like I’m going to completely disappear.”



Another longtime voice at WFAN is stepping away from the microphone. This time, it is Bob Heussler cutting down his work schedule. He won’t be gone completely from the station though.

Heussler, who has been at the station since 1993 and is affectionately known to listeners as “Mr. Met,” will no longer be a full-time voice on WFAN’s airwaves. His last day as a full-timer will be May 12th.

“This is my last week as a full-timer,” he said on Tiki & Tierney. “I will be in the rotation a little bit. It’s not like I’m going to completely disappear. I’ll pick up a part-time shift here or there. But for all intents and purposes, Brandon, this is it as far as an everyday presence is concerned.”

Heussler reflected on being an original listener of WFAN when it went live in 1987. He said he’s always been an avid radio listener and been passionate about the industry. Getting to work at WFAN was at the top of his career achievements list.

“Arriving at The Fan was a huge moment for me,” he said. “I told some people recently that I am one of those people who was listening on July 1, 1987 when The Fan went on the air.”

Heussler also talked about the evolution of the role update anchors play. With how fast news travels nowadays, the role has changed.

“Back then, and certainly at the beginning in 1987, the updates were the key to the works early on,” he said.

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