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103.7 The Game Adds Television Simulcast



103.7 The Game in Lafayette, Louisiana is adding a television simulcast of the popular morning show, SportsChat with Dave Schultz. SportsChat will air on radio and TV starting Monday, September 26th at 6am ET on 103.7 FM and KXKW- TV 32.1, The American Sports Network (ASN).

Delta Media Corp General Manager Chuck Wood remarked, “We are working diligently to put our products where our viewers and listeners are. This additional delivery system will make our ‘Live and Local’ programming available to more local eyes and ears. Additional programming will be coming to American Sports Network 32.1 very soon.”

“I’m looking forward to showing Acadiana how much fun I have in the morning bringing them SportsChat,” says Schultz. “Hoping this opens the door to more listeners and in-studio guests joining in the fun.”

Sports Radio News

Chris Russell Wonders If RG3’s Praise For Commanders Is Related To Cancelled Book

“Russell said he actually ordered Griffin’s book and was prepared to read it.”



Former quarterback Robert Griffin III turned some heads last week on ESPN when he said the Washington Commanders would be a surprise contender to make it to Super Bowl LVII.

Griffin, who began his NFL career in Washington, said that if newly acquired quarterback Carson Wentz can play to the level he did in 2017 when the Philadelphia Eagles won it all, the Commanders could find themselves playing for the right to head to Phoenix in February.

Over on The Team 980 in D.C., host Chris Russell questioned where this sudden love for his former franchise came from. Not too long ago, RG3 had planned to release a book pulling back the curtain on his time with the then-Redskins.

“I have to strongly wonder, did Dandy Dan (Snyder) get to Robert and grease the skids for Robert to bury the book and to install the Commanders, the fierce, tough strong Commanders, as Super Bowl contenders, Super Bowl surprise contenders, according to Robert Griffin III?” Russell asked.

Russell said he actually ordered Griffin’s book and was prepared to read it. But all of a sudden the book, touted as an exposé intended to pull back the proverbial curtain on the organization, disappeared into thin air.

Now the former first round draft pick is singing the franchise’s praises. Russell wondered if maybe someone within the Commanders organization had something to do with that.

“Is it possible that Robert Griffin III maybe was coerced, pushed into not writing and publishing that tell-all book?” Russell said. “And, in combination, pushing the Commanders on a platform like ESPN to be Super Bowl contenders? Is it possible? I ask, is it possible?”

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Schedule Maker Tells Adam Schein NFL Did Not Want Browns vs Texans in Week 1

“That’s maybe not the right game that we want all eyes on, taking attention from some of these other (early season games).”



The schedule for the entire 2022 NFL season was announced last week, and among the games some football fans have circled is in Week 13 when the Cleveland Browns visit the Houston Texans.

That game on December 4 will be the first trip back to Houston for Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson was traded from the Texans to Cleveland earlier this year for several draft picks.

What’s still up in the air is whether Watson will face any discipline from the league after a grand jury declined to charge Watson with sexual assault. Watson is facing several civil lawsuits from his alleged victims. He did not play at all last season.

For Browns and Texans fans, this matchup could be very interesting. But when it came down to making the schedule, NFL Vice President of Broadcast Planning Mike North said to Adam Schein on SiriusXM that Watson’s availability for the Browns didn’t factor into things.

“The honest answer to your question is we really didn’t think about it,” North said. “With one caveat, I will tell you, we knew that Houston and Cleveland were obviously going to play each other this year and Cleveland at Houston is going to mean something.”

North added that several versions of the Browns’ schedule had the matchup planned for earlier in the season. One that stood out to him had the two teams meeting in week 1. He told Schein that he was not going to let that happen.

“I’m just not sure that would’ve been the right place for it,” he said. “That’s maybe not the right game that we want all eyes on, taking attention from some of these other (early season games).”

Still, North said Watson’s status never crept into discussions.

“Other than maybe really thinking about where that actual Cleveland at Houston game fell, there really wasn’t a whole lot of attention paid,” he said.

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I Heard A Lot of Boring, Uncreative Sports Radio On Friday

“Sometimes your first idea is your best one. You don’t know that though if you stop thinking after one idea. That is what it feels like happens a lot the day after NFL schedules are released”



Maybe this one is on me for expecting better. Maybe I need to take my own advice and accept that there are times the sports radio audience just wants a little comfort food. Still, this is my column and I am going to complain because I listened to probably six different stations on Friday and all of them were doing the exact same thing.

The NFL schedule was released on Thursday night, so on Friday, regardless of daypart, every show seemingly felt obligated to have the same three conversations.

  1. How many games will the home team win?
  2. What does the number of primetime games we got mean for how much respect we have nationally?
  3. Why do the Lions still get to play on Thanksgiving?

Football is king. I get that. Concrete NFL news is always going to take priority. That is understandable. But where was even an ounce of creativity? Where was the desire to do better – not just better than the competition, but better than the other shows in your own building?

I listened to shows in markets from across the league. The conversations were the same regardless of size or history of success. Everyone that picked in the top 5 in last month’s draft is going to go 10-7. Every team that got less than 5 primetime games feels disrespected. It was all so boring.

Those of us in the industry don’t consume content the way listeners do. We all know that. Perhaps I am harping on something that is only a problem to me because I listen to sports talk radio for a living. If you don’t ever want to put more than the bare minimum of effort into your show, decide that is the reason for my reaction and go click on another article here.

Consider this though, maybe the fact that I listen to so much sports radio means I know how much quality there is in this industry. Maybe it means that I can spot someone talented that is phoning it in.

I want to be clear in my point. There is value in giving your record prediction for the home team. Listeners look at the people on the radio as experts. I will bet some futures bets in a lot of markets were made on Friday based on what the gambler heard coming through their speakers. All I want to get across is there is a way to have that conversation that isn’t taking two segments to go through each week one by one. I heard no less than three stations do that on Friday.

Sometimes your first idea is your best one. You don’t know that though if you stop thinking after one idea. That is what it feels like happens a lot the day after NFL schedules are released. It’s a very familiar rhythm: pick the wins, get a guest on to preview the week 1 opponent, take calls, texts and tweets with the listeners’ predictions.

I didn’t hear anyone ask their listeners to sell them on the over for wins. I didn’t hear anyone give me weeks that you could skip Red Zone because one matchup is just too damn good. I didn’t hear anyone go through the Sunday Night Football schedule and pick out the weeks to schedule dates because the matchup isn’t worth it.

Maybe none of those ideas are winners, and that is fine. They are literally three dumb ideas I pulled out of the air. But they are all ways to review the schedule that could potentially leave a smile on your listener’s face.

Show prep is so important, especially in a group setting. It is your chance to tell your partner, producer, or host that you know you can do better than the idea that has just been thrown out. Quit nodding in agreement and challenge each other! It may mean a little more work for you, but it means more reward for the listeners. And if the listeners know they can rely on you for quality, creative content, that leads to more reward for you.

And lay off the Lions. It’s Thanksgiving. You’re stuck at home. The NFL could give you Lions vs Jaguars and you’d watch.

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