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Emmanuel Acho Launches Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man

“As of Tuesday morning, the video has received nearly 871,000 views, over 30,000 likes, 14,000 retweets and over 1000 comments.”



Emmanuel Acho is a rising star in the sports media and he took to Twitter Monday with a video addressing the current racial tensions in America called Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.  Acho’s tweet begins, “Dear white people, for days you’ve asked me what you can do to help. I’ve finally found an answer. Let your guard down and listen.”

In the nearly 10 minute segment that followed, Acho, a former standout linebacker at The University of Texas and current contributor to ESPN’s Morning show Get UP! (though it was announced in May that he will be leaving for FS1), addresses questions posed to him by his White friends.

“I fervently believe that if the White person is your problem, only the white person can be the solution,” Acho said. “So this is made for you my white brothers and sisters, so that you can increase your level of understanding, so you can increase your level of compassion and lead ultimately to change.”

Throughout the video, Acho addresses four questions: Why are Black People rioting instead of peaceful protests? Why does white privilege exist?, How come you can say the N-word and we can’t?, and How come Black people care more about white on Black crime than Black on Black crime?

To answer each question, Acho offers an explanation and then an example. For the issue of rioting, Acho says, “I don’t condone rioting and I’m sure you don’t either, because for the most part Black people who are looting and rioting destructively are destroying their own homes. But when you think about the five different stages of grief. You come up to one stage, anger. Sometimes emotions don’t know their actions. I remember my Mom when I was a child, she lost her sister. I just remember her yelling and screaming and throwing herself into a wall. Throwing yourself into a wall  is not going to change anything. You are actually harming yourself, but sometimes pain and hurt, it does not know how to express itself.”

Acho used similar methodology to answer the other three questions and it resonated with many people on Twitter. As of Tuesday morning, the video has received nearly 871,000 views, over 30,000 likes, 14,000 retweets and over 1000 comments. Many of those retweets came from Acho’s ESPN colleges like Jim Mora Jr. and Dan Orlovsky but they also came from Indy Car driver Pippa Mann and Kansas City Chiefs Defensive End Alex Okafor, among many others.

Acho says he hopes the video is the first of many as he looks to make Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man a recurring feature. He did not go into any detail about when the next video will be posted, but he does invite viewers to leave questions for him to answer, calling it a safe space where they can educate themselves.

“The only way we can solve this issue,” Acho concludes, “Is by exposure, education, compassion and empathy.”

Sports TV News

ESPN Releases Details For Joe Buck’s PGA Championship Broadcast

“Michael Collins will serve as Buck’s co-host.”



Omaha Productions and ESPN are getting ready for the PGA Championship. News broke last week that Joe Buck would make his ESPN debut at the center of alternative coverage of the event. Now the network is sharing a few details of the broadcast.

Michael Collins will serve as Buck’s co-host. ESPN’s senior golf analyst will bring the perspective of a former caddie to the broadcast as well as the humor of a former comedian.

The duo will welcome plenty of guests too. The lineup suggests that while the broadcast will be built around golf, the conversations could go anywhere. Troy Aikman, Josh Allen, Charles Barkley, Doris Burke, Fred Couples, Jon Hamm, and Peyton & Eli Manning are all scheduled to make appearances.

“We loved doing Monday Night Football with ESPN and the entire Omaha team has been looking forward to producing alternate telecasts that celebrate other sports,” Peyton Manning said in a press release. “As one of golf’s majors, the PGA Championship is a perfect place to do our first one for golf and we look forward to working with Joe, Michael and everyone in ESPN’s golf team.”

Joe Buck and Michael Collins will be on TV for all four days of the PGA Championship. They will be on for four hours each day. The broadcast will alternate between ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN+ depending on where the traditional coverage of the event is airing.

The PGA Championship with Joe Buck & Michael Collins is the latest offering from ESPN’s deal with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions. The company has also committed to produce alternate coverage of MMA and college football broadcasts in the future.

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Tom Brady To Join FOX At End Of Career

“Whether or not Tom Brady is great on TV remains to be seen. What is certain is that the network just added star power that is unmatched amongst other networks that carry NFL games.”



Tom Brady won’t be in the booth this season for FOX, but he will be there eventually. The network’s PR account tweeted that as soon as Brady is ready to call it a career, he will join Kevin Burkhardt to call the biggest game on the network’s slate each week.

“We are delighted that Tom has committed to joining the Fox team and wish him all the best during this upcoming season,” FOX CEO Lachlan Murdoch said in a statement.

FOX has made no secret of its desire to bring Brady aboard. The network has been courting him ever since he announced his retirement in February. The desire to pair him with Burkhardt was first reported in March by Andrew Marchand of The New York Post.

This news raises questions about the future for a lot of the parties involved. First, who will be Burkhardt’s partner this season? Tom Brady has committed to play for the Buccaneers. Next, what does this mean for the quarterback’s future? Does this guarantee that 2022 will be his final season in the NFL? Finally, what now for Greg Olsen? He had been Burkhardt’s partner last season and has expressed interest in continuing to work together.

All of those answers will be addressed in time. Right now, FOX is busy celebrating.

Whether or not Tom Brady is great on TV remains to be seen. What is certain is that the network just added star power that is unmatched amongst other networks that carry NFL games.

That is going to cost them too. Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports reports that Brady’s FOX paycheck will eclipse $20 million annually.

FOX’s deal with Tom Brady is similar to the one NBC made with Drew Brees before his final season in New Orleans. It allowed the quarterback one more season and promised him a nice landing spot in the media when his playing days are done. We will have to wait and see whether or not FOX will end up waiting longer than the one season NBC did.

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Ratings for NHL Regional Coverage Down Across Most Of The League

“Only four teams with available data (the Kings, Wild, Panthers, and Red Wings) saw ratings growth in 2021-22.”



While national TV ratings for the NHL season can and should be celebrated, ratings for regional sports networks appear to be a cause for concern. John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reported Monday that RSNs across the league were down 23% compared to last year.

The 2020-21 season was shortened to 56 games because of the COVID pandemic.

Only four teams with available data (the Kings, Wild, Panthers, and Red Wings) saw ratings growth in 2021-22. Numbers for Carolina, Nashville and the Canadian teams were unavailable.

Arizona saw the biggest dip year over year. Bally Sports Arizona was down 58% compared to last year. Part of it is understandable. The Coyotes were one of the worst teams in the league.

Viewership for the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning was down 20%. The average rating for games on Bally Sports Sun was 1.49, good enough for 10th of the teams on the list.

The Pittsburgh Penguins had an average rating of 5.43 on AT&T Sportsnet Pittsburgh this season, which topped the league, but viewership was still down 30% versus last season.

The Seattle Kraken had an average rating of 0.96 for their inaugural season on Root Sports.

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