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Texas Governor Talks Football With Clay Travis

“Overall, Abbott conveyed a more cautious tone about the return of football than Travis’ previous guests.”

Jacob Conley



As of late, Clay Travis’ Outkick The Coverage program on Fox Sports Radio, has sounded more like something you might see on the Fox News television network. That’s because, in recent days, Travis has interviewed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Donald Trump.

The parade of politicians continued on Thursday morning when Travis spoke with Texas’ Republican governor Greg Abbott. The pair discussed a variety of topics in the nearly 30 minute segment, but the main focus was football, both college and prep, in the Lone Star State. 

Overall, Abbott conveyed a more cautious tone about the return of football than Travis’ previous guests, including the possibility of playing games with no fans in attendance.

“While the financial aspect has to be considered, the top priority is the health and safety of the players,” he said. “We saw what can happen when you have large gatherings, so the attendance might not be as robust. We may not have any fans at all. I’ve talked to the players, and while they like having fans there, the most important thing for them is playing the game. It’s like the NBA or the MLB, once that tip or first pitch happens, they all play for the love of the game… The key word is flexibility. While I think we can determine now that it is safe to play games, we will have to wait and see how many fans can be in the stands.”

Abbott says that he and many Texans underestimated COVID and he does not want to repeat those mistakes. 

“The Corona Virus is not going to wane,” Abbott said. “It is not getting weaker. It can still be transmitted and its life span is still the same. But what has happened in Texas is, we have a better understanding of it and better control. We saw a spike in Texas in early June because we thought we had COVID defeated and let our guard down. We did not.  Now we have gotten a better grip on things and the numbers have started to trend downward again.”

Along with college football, Abbott addresses the state of high school football.

 “High school football is not a sport. It’s a religion in Texas. We are the home of Friday Night Lights,” Abbott continued. “As we began summer workouts for high school football, we had players transmitting COVID-19, players testing positive, so some areas of the state have decided not to have a season. Some are planning modified schedules, others are planning full schedules. That’s something we have to grapple with, but we also know that football, and all sports, are vital to the well-being of the student.”

As for college football, Texas is home to five Power 5 programs throughout the Big XII and SEC. Both conferences have decided to play football this fall. Abbott applauds the decision.

“Listen, I’ve talked to all kinds of university administrators, from presidents to athletic directors to coaches,” Abbott said. “But the most important group I have spoken with are the student-athletes themselves. They want to play. They have the option not to but 99 percent want to play, and most importantly, they feel safe with the protocols   that are in place. If the student-athlete feels safe, they should be allowed to play.”

Sports Radio News

Danny Parkins: Apple TV+ Should Do A Major League Game

“Thursday’s Field of Dreams Game saw two sub .500 teams meet in Dyersville, IA.”



Major League Baseball won rave reviews at year when it introduced the Field of Dreams Game. The 2022 edition was met with a little less enthusiasm and Danny Parkins of 670 The Score has an idea for the game’s next evolution. 

Baseball is the subject of plenty of movies. That is why Parkins suggests the next game leave the cornfield and embrace the classic comedy Major League

The original Major League was released in 1989 and was both a critical and box office success. It spawned two sequels released in 1994 and 1998 respectively. 

Major League Baseball’s deal with Apple TV+ came under much scrutiny when it was first announced. Event programming like what Danny Parkins has suggested could generate excitement and subscriptions. 

Thursday’s Field of Dreams Game saw two sub .500 teams meet in Dyersville, IA. The hologram of Harry Caray generated more conversation than the action on the field, including from Parkins. 

There is an opening for Major League Baseball to try something different next year. FOX baseball analyst Frank Thomas, who bought the Field of Dreams last year, said there will be no 2023 edition of the game in Iowa. 

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Mike Francesa Ranks The Top 5 Sports Moments that Had Biggest Impact on WFAN

Mike Francesa says of all the sports moments in New York, the 2000 Yankees World Series was a “dud”.

Jordan Bondurant



Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa is no stranger to being behind the microphone talking about some of the biggest moments in New York sports.

But one of the big moments that have happened over the last two decades didn’t have the impact that some would think, according to the WFAN legend.

Francesa on his podcast this week was asked by a listener to rank five New York sports moments that had a big impact on radio in the city. Those moments: The 1996 Yankees winning the World Series, the Giants winning Super Bowl XXV, the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup in 1994, the subway series World Series in 2000, and the Giants upsetting the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

He said the 2000 World Series was incredibly underwhelming.

“That laid an egg,” Francesa said. “It never had the impact in this town in New York, and on the radio, influence in the media, everything. It was a dud. It was severely disappointing.”

The Yankees that year won their fourth World Series in five years that year, sweeping the Mets and clinching at Shea Stadium. Francesa said the fact that there was so much anticipation for the series only for the Yanks to cruise to another title made it disappointing.

“Waited for the Subway Series forever, and when it happened it did not fulfill its promises,” he said.

Francesa ranked the 1996 Yankees at number one in terms of impact. He talked about how even in September of that year when the team tailed off a little bit before the playoffs.

No. 1 by far on the radio was the Yankees 1996 run leading up to them winning their first World Series.

“The Yankees hit the skids in September, but they never fell out of first,” he said. “The impact of that on the radio was enormous.”

The 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup run, coupled with the Knicks playoff run that spring as well also stood out to Francesa.

“I never took a day off that entire spring,” he said.

The two Giants Super Bowl victories ended up ranking third and fourth on Francesa’s list.

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Ryan Hoppe Joins Beckles and Recher on WDAE 95.3 in Tampa

Ryan Hoppe announced that he would be joining WDAE as the new executive producer for Beckles and Recher.



Ryan Hoppe

On Thursday, popular Tampa podcaster Ryan Hoppe announced that he would be joining the iHeartRadio team as the new executive producer for the station’s afternoon drive show, Beckles and Recher.

95.3 WDAE confirmed the news in a retweet with a welcome message.

Hoppe is also the host of popular local podcast, Hoppe Hour which was nominated for Best Local Podcast. Hoppe has been nominated for Best Radio Personality as well by The Best of the Bay magazine.

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