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WFAN Reportedly Readying Offer For Craig Carton

“If Carton does join WFAN for an afternoon show in the coming months, it means Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts will get bumped before reaching their one-year anniversary in the timeslot.”

Brandon Contes



At this point, if Craig Carton ends up anywhere other than WFAN to restart his radio career, it would almost seem like a 16-seed beating a 1-seed.

Carton has been clear about drive-time radio on WFAN being his dream job, and for just over a decade, the shock-jock had the opportunity to live out that dream. Three years have passed since Carton’s arrest and resignation from the station he loves, with one of those years spent in prison. 

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, WFAN and parent company Entercom are expected to give Carton a formal offer as early as this week to take over afternoon drive. The Post previously reported Carton already has an offer from Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic to host mornings. But going head to head with WIP and Angelo Cataldi might not fuel his ego as much as taking on The Michael Kay Show and his longtime foe from HOT 97 Peter Rosenberg.

If Carton does join WFAN for an afternoon show in the coming months, it means Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts will get bumped before reaching their one-year anniversary in the timeslot. It could be argued that much like Carlin, Maggie and Bart in 2018, Mike Francesa’s replacements again haven’t been given a fair shot, but from the start, Benigno made it clear he wasn’t a long-term solution. So if WFAN knew they would have to build a new afternoon show in a year, why not just do it now while Carton’s on the market?

Benigno previously stated plans to retire at the end of this year, but those were put on hold when he and his longtime co-host replaced Francesa for WFAN’s afternoon show. Now, with Carton’s return looming, the 67-year old Benigno could once again look to turn off his microphone and relocate to Florida. 

At 37 years old, Benigno’s partner Evan Roberts still has a lot of radio left and would likely return to his midday post. Pairing Roberts with Maggie Gray seems like the most probable option, which would make it Gray’s fourth show combination in three years on FAN. The company would then need to find other uses for Gray’s current co-host Marc Malusis, either with WFAN or the network. With his former show still intact in morning drive, Carton would also need to find a new co-host and producer, likely someone who can help with WFAN’s lack of diversity. 

Joining Jason Barrett’s BSM podcast in August, Entercom New York market manager Chris Oliviero who oversees WFAN, acknowledged he’s spoken with Carton and is interested in a potential reunion, but no job offer was made yet. Just over a month later, it appears an offer, and maybe a deal between WFAN and Carton are right around the corner. 

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Mike Francesa Ranks The Top 5 Sports Moments that Had Biggest Impact on WFAN

Mike Francesa says of all the sports moments in New York, the 2000 Yankees World Series was a “dud”.

Jordan Bondurant



Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa is no stranger to being behind the microphone talking about some of the biggest moments in New York sports.

But one of the big moments that have happened over the last two decades didn’t have the impact that some would think, according to the WFAN legend.

Francesa on his podcast this week was asked by a listener to rank five New York sports moments that had a big impact on radio in the city. Those moments: The 1996 Yankees winning the World Series, the Giants winning Super Bowl XXV, the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup in 1994, the subway series World Series in 2000, and the Giants upsetting the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

He said the 2000 World Series was incredibly underwhelming.

“That laid an egg,” Francesa said. “It never had the impact in this town in New York, and on the radio, influence in the media, everything. It was a dud. It was severely disappointing.”

The Yankees that year won their fourth World Series in five years that year, sweeping the Mets and clinching at Shea Stadium. Francesa said the fact that there was so much anticipation for the series only for the Yanks to cruise to another title made it disappointing.

“Waited for the Subway Series forever, and when it happened it did not fulfill its promises,” he said.

Francesa ranked the 1996 Yankees at number one in terms of impact. He talked about how even in September of that year when the team tailed off a little bit before the playoffs.

No. 1 by far on the radio was the Yankees 1996 run leading up to them winning their first World Series.

“The Yankees hit the skids in September, but they never fell out of first,” he said. “The impact of that on the radio was enormous.”

The 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup run, coupled with the Knicks playoff run that spring as well also stood out to Francesa.

“I never took a day off that entire spring,” he said.

The two Giants Super Bowl victories ended up ranking third and fourth on Francesa’s list.

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Ryan Hoppe Joins Beckles and Recher on WDAE 95.3 in Tampa

Ryan Hoppe announced that he would be joining WDAE as the new executive producer for Beckles and Recher.



Ryan Hoppe

On Thursday, popular Tampa podcaster Ryan Hoppe announced that he would be joining the iHeartRadio team as the new executive producer for the station’s afternoon drive show, Beckles and Recher.

95.3 WDAE confirmed the news in a retweet with a welcome message.

Hoppe is also the host of popular local podcast, Hoppe Hour which was nominated for Best Local Podcast. Hoppe has been nominated for Best Radio Personality as well by The Best of the Bay magazine.

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Toucher and Rich: There’s No Way Dennis Eckersley is Retiring

“There’s got to be some sort of gig waiting for him. And to be quite honest, maybe NESN was just small potatoes for a guy like Dennis Eckersley.”



On Monday, Dennis Eckersley announced that this season would be his last with NESN, the Boston Red Sox and in baseball broadcasting. However, some in Boston don’t think Eckersley will truly be done once the season ends.

On Toucher and Rich, co-host Rich Shertenlieb said this can’t be the end of the broadcasting career of Dennis Eckersley.

“He’s way too young to be truly retiring, I think,” said Shertenlieb. “This can’t be it for him. There’s no way this is it. He’s too into it, he loves it too much, he’s good at it and he’s not old.”

“It’s a lot of travel, that’s the thing,” added co-host Fred Toucher.

Shertenlieb chimed back that he could have options in regards to his schedule.

“You could be somebody that’s just doing home games,” offered Shertenlieb. “You could also be someone who could be at a desk.”

Shertenlieb was adamant that Eckersley would have a chance to make it somewhere else, somewhere perhaps more national.

“There’s got to be some sort of gig waiting for him. And to be quite honest, maybe NESN was just small potatoes for a guy like Dennis Eckersley,” said the Toucher and Rich co-host. “Maybe he’s just outgrown it and he’s just too talented to only be at a regional network.”

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