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Sports Radio Reacts to Joe Biden Election Victory

Brandon Contes



It took a few days, but election week finally closed Saturday morning, just in time for everyone to turn their attention to football. Despite President Trump’s refusal to concede defeat, many in sports radio trusted the election process which saw America vote the Biden/Harris ticket into office.

FOX Sports Radio’s Colin Cowherd gets criticized by conservatives for being too liberal and he’s criticized by the left for being too far right. Maintaining that theme, Cowherd kept his acknowledgement of the president-elect relatively bi-partisan. 

In New York, former WFAN host and current political pundit for 77 WABC Sid Rosenberg has spent many days talking up President Trump and rooting for reelection. Despite his frequent condemnation of the left, Rosenberg graciously supported the president-elect, representative of a peaceful transfer that the majority are hoping for. 

WFAN’s weekday lineup remained quiet, but a couple of producers offered reaction to the election results. Morning show producer Al Dukes was sarcastically hopeful the tense political discussion would continue to dominate social media now that the White House is soon to be occupied by a democrat. 

Moose and Maggie producer Brian Monzo was very thankful for everything President Trump did to the country in the last four years.

A vocal Trump advocate, Monzo puts the country first, amiably offering support for the incoming president and vice president of the United States.

On ESPN New York, The Michael Kay Show’s Peter Rosenberg has been outspoken about his disdain for President Trump throughout his tenure in office. The popular radio host shared his excitement over Joe Biden being announced the president-elect. 

Chris Canty, a Super Bowl winner and morning co-host on ESPN New York compared the Biden/Harris victory to winning a championship game. 

92.9 The Game’s Hugh Douglas checked in from Atlanta, the city that helped turn Georgia blue for the first time since 1992. 

97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli has been politically driven on social media in recent months. With his audience mostly located in Philadelphia and the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Missanelli took solace in the election result. 

Ken Carman, morning host on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland and a native of Ohio, was on CBS Sports Radio Saturday morning and tasked with presenting the breaking news of Biden being named president-elect to affiliates nationwide. 

Former WNBA All Star and current co-host of ESPN Radio’s afternoon show, Chiney Ogwumike was especially proud of Kamala Harris becoming the first Black woman to be elected vice president. Ogwumike also donated her time on Election Day as a poll worker, helping Americans cast their vote which drew appreciation from President Obama.

Sports Radio News

Paul Finebaum: ESPN, FOX Have Power To Tank EA Sports College Football Video Game

“Paul Finebaum had high praise for what the video game has meant to college football.”



Paul Finebaum

The power brokers in college football now are the media. In particular, it is ESPN, who is set to take over the SEC’s media rights and FOX, who controls the Big Ten’s media rights. Paul Finebaum said recently on the Dynasty Mode podcast that those relationships give the two networks major control over college football.

Dynasty Mode is a podcast about EA Sports’ popular college football video game series hosted by BSM writers Arky Shea and Demetri Ravanos. Finebaum told the pair that if either ESPN and FOX or the Big Ten and the SEC don’t want to work together, the video game, which will return to store shelves in 2023 after a ten-year absence from the market, could be doomed.

“We’re a year removed from an absolute certainty, that was a 12 school playoff for the CFP, getting shot down for the very same reason,” he said. “So if they can shoot down the most important entity in college sports, I think they can shoot down this.”

Paul Finebaum had high praise for what the video game has meant to college football. He told Shea and Ravanos that he hopes power brokers at schools and networks realize that.

“I think it’s been very important and I don’t know how many people that are in those power five seats think about stuff like that.”

In the early 2000s, Tony Bruno brought a fictionalized version of his radio show to EA Sports’ Madden NFL series. Finebaum said he had not been approached yet by EA to do something similar for the new college football video game.

“I’m really surprised they haven’t because it would be a big money-making operation, at least for me. I don’t know about for them, but I am happy to participate,” Finebaum joked.

He added that the real value to EA Sports would be his audience. They could give the game a level of authenticity that many fans have missed as college football becomes a more corporate entity.

“You can replace me, but you can’t replace the callers. They are the most unique, and I think it takes a lot of work to nurture callers like that. I’m not campaigning for EA because I have people to do that for me,” he said. “Point being, what makes college sports what it is? It’s the fans. It’s not the fat cats that buy the one million or two million dollar suites. It’s not the people sitting with the president. It’s the rank and file that probably never get to campus.”

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Sports Radio News

Matt Chernoff: WFAN’s Sal Licata ‘Doesn’t Have The Guts’ to Appear On 680 The Fan Again

“He doesn’t have the guts to come on again. After what happened last time? You think he wants that again? Why the hell would he want that?”



Would WFAN’s Sal Licata join Chuck and Chernoff on 680 The Fan in Atlanta again? According to Matt Chernoff, no.

During a May appearance on SNY, Licata declared the National League East race over, saying the New York Mets had wrapped up the division. The Atlanta Braves then proceeded to win 14 consecutive games. The Mets currently hold a seven game lead over the Braves in the division.

After the 14 game winning streak, Chuck and Chernoff had Licata on their show to confront him about the opinion, and things got slightly heated, with Chernoff and Licata eventually yelling at each other, before cooler heads prevailed.

The two hosts rekindled their disdain for one another after the Mets won four of five games against the Braves over the weekend, with the two trading barbs on Twitter. Licata joked Chernoff should hope the New York host doesn’t move to Atlanta to win a ratings battle, and called Chernoff a clown before deleting the tweet. He later tweeted “Funny. No invites from Atlanta sports talk radio today,” accompanied by a should shrug emoji. That caught the attention of Chernoff, who addressed it to open his show Monday.

“He (Licata) won’t come on,” Chernoff said. “He doesn’t have the guts to come on again. After what happened last time? You think he wants that again? Why the hell would he want that? He made a fool of himself and then lied about it to his own fans. There’s a reason he didn’t play the audio on his dumb little show. And next time when he’s an hour late, they have that to play instead. I mean, honestly, if he wants to come on, come on. He has no interest. He does not want this smoke.”


Chernoff has had enough of loud mouth Sal Licata of #wfan #braves #mets

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790 The Score Debuts In Providence

In addition to shows like Bet MGM’s The Daily Tip and others like Bet QL Daily, listeners can catch Jim Rome and Amy Lawrence.

Jordan Bondurant



After reporting last week that Kevin McNamara would be the station’s only local host in the programming lineup, 790 The Score in Providence, Rhode Island is officially on the air.

The station, which was last on the air in the market in 2008, has been revived and will serve as the market’s first sports and sports betting station.

“The station features a lineup of expert personalities that deliver unique sports talk and sports betting insights that entertain, inform, and engage,” said Holly Paras, VP and market manager of Cumulus Providence. “We think Providence sports and sports betting fans will love 790 THE SCORE!”

In addition to shows like Bet MGM’s The Daily Tip and others like Bet QL Daily, listeners can catch some of the top national talent on the airwaves throughout the day and night. This includes hosts like Jim Rome and Amy Lawrence.

McNamara will host his show Kevin Mac Sports Hour daily from 5-7 p.m.

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