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Pat McAfee Breaks Down Texts About Andrew Luck Returning To Colts

“Ultimately, McAfee tweets that he doesn’t think Luck is returning to football.”



On Tuesday, 107.5 The Fan’s Jeff Rickard received a bombshell tweet from a questionable source about Andrew Luck potentially coming out of retirement. It was the ultimate “big if true” tweet despite the lack of credibility.

The tweet has since been deleted, but a person named Mike Austin sent Rickard screenshots of a text conversation that was allegedly between Luck’s wife and a friend, indicating the retired quarterback was considering a return to the Colts.  

One of Luck’s former Colts teammates is sports radio star Pat McAfee, who used his SiriusXM show to break down the Mike Austin tweet in detail on Wednesday. 

Outside of rightfully shaming whoever leaked the text if it is real, McAfee’s biggest issue was with the friend of Luck’s wife for needing clarification on who “Jim” is. But Jim is a common name, it wouldn’t be surprising if Luck has business interests with a person named Jim that is not the Colts owner.

If Luck and his wife lived in Minnesota and the text read “Andrew is having a meeting with Zygi” no follow up should be needed. It’s unlikely Luck would know someone who shares the same first name as Vikings owner Zygi Wilf.

Ultimately, McAfee tweets that he doesn’t think Luck is returning to football. Hopefully for Colts fans, his conclusion is just based on Mike Austin’s lack of Insider credibility and not McAfee asking his former teammate directly. NFL Insiders haven’t addressed the tweet, but Irsay did previously state Luck already knows the Colts would love to have him back. 

Sports Radio News

Charles Davis Tells Jim Rome Titans Will Use Him As Motivation

“CBS will send its top team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo to Kansas City for the Bills and Chiefs. Davis told Rome that is a fact that will not be lost on Titans coach Mike Vrabel.”



It’s kind of hard not to feel bad for Charles Davis. He was a guest on Monday’s edition of The Jim Rome Show. It was an interview that opened with The Pimp in the Box asking Davis about just how cold he was in Buffalo over the weekend.

Temperatures reached the single digits with wind chill in the negative numbers during the Bills’ blowout of the New England Patriots in the Wild Card round.

Davis said that there was no way not to think about his discomfort. He gave credit to the stage crew in the booth that helped to keep him an Ian Eagle warm.

Later in the interview, Rome asked Charles Davis if the Tennessee Titans were being unfairly overlooked. They are the top seed in the AFC afterall.

Davis said that was very likely. The team is getting both Derek Henry and Julio Jones back in time to face the Bengals in the divisional round.

That is the game assigned to Davis and Eagle. CBS will send its top team of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo to Kansas City for the Bills and Chiefs. Davis told Rome that is a fact that will not be lost on Titans coach Mike Vrabel.

“He’ll use this one. Jim and Tony are going to Kansas City/Buffalo. He’s getting Ian Eagle and myself,” Davis told Rome. “He may not disrespect us, but he’ll let his team know the number one team is not getting the number one broadcast team.”

Teams shouldn’t need extra motivation. Every game in the playoffs is your last if you don’t find a way to win. Charles Davis says that doesn’t mean Vrabel isn’t looking to add a little extra juice to his locker room and he and his partner’s presence may be the perfect catalyst.

“He’ll use that. Coaches use all of that stuff. He’ll use it to the Nth degree.”

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Damon Amendolara: The NFL Is Giving Us Quantity, Not Quality

“Amendolara asked on Monday at what cost did the expanded playoffs and extra regular season game this season serve as a success for the league?”



The NFL’s first “Super Wild Card Weekend” provided for more blowouts than competitive games. The Bengals/Raiders game Saturday afternoon, and the Cowboys/49ers contest came down to the wire and provided the drama playoff football usually delivers. But the rest of the games turned out to be duds according to CBS Sports Radio host Damon Amendolara.

He pointed to the Bucs/Eagles game and the Chiefs/Steelers game during his show on Monday as two of the biggest flops of the weekend.

“They weren’t competitive,” he said. “Those were the two worst games of the weekend.”

You could throw in the Bills/Patriots game in the mix as well.

Amendolara asked on Monday at what cost did the expanded playoffs and extra regular season game this season serve as a success for the league? 

“The same way the NFL went to the 17th game for ‘More football’ and the same way they expanded the playoffs for ‘More playoff football’ was about more not quality,” he said. “Quantity not quality.”

One thinks about the NCAA basketball tournament where usually the opening round games are cake walks for teams seeded 1-4. That first weekend is awesome because there’s so many games on from noon to past midnight. But with the obvious exception of UMBC a few years ago, the top seeds in each region aren’t going to captivate audiences those first couple games because things will get out of hand quickly.

In the NFL’s case, Amendolara said opening up the playoffs to teams that probably shouldn’t have been there made for less entertaining contests at the expense of having an entire weekend of games to watch.

“The football wasn’t better,” he said. “It was just more.”

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Kay Adams Gives Pat McAfee Backhanded Compliment On Interviewing Aaron Rodgers

“There is nothing — literally nothing — that he hasn’t gone over with you.”



@PatMcAfeeShow on Twitter

Besides ESPN’s “ManningCast” for Monday Night Football, a top candidate for best sports media story of the 2021 NFL season is The Pat McAfee Show.

The former NFL punter’s show on YouTube, SiriusXM, and podcasts has become a cultural sensation for its interviews with Aaron Rodgers that revealed the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s controversial stance on taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

McAfee has been criticized in media circles for letting Rodgers say whatever he wants in extended monologues without ever challenging his assertions or asking follow-up questions in response to a particular opinion. But the wide range of topics and in-depth answers have made McAfee’s Tuesday conversations with Rodgers must-watch video.

However, those interviews haven’t left much for other reporters and on-air personalities to cover when talking to Rodgers. Good Morning Football co-host Kay Adams raised this issue with McAfee during a Monday appearance on the show.

“You’ve ruined interviewing Aaron Rodgers,” said Adams. “Do you know that?”

McAfee understandably disagreed, saying he feels “it’s been good” because they have a conversation rather than question-and-answer, question-and-answer. Adams then explained that she had a seven-to-10-minute interview with Rodgers last week, but had nothing new to ask him because he already covered everything with McAfee.

“There is nothing — literally nothing — that he hasn’t gone over with you,” Adams complained, saying McAfee and his hour-long conversations has made it impossible for networks to interview Rodgers now.

Though Adams appeared to be annoyed, she did praise McAfee for getting Rodgers to reveal a side of himself that he previously kept private, something the public never saw before.

“He’s never been an open book, but you’ve really let us get to know his character,” said Adams, “and who he is as a human, his kindness, his vulnerabiity. It’s transcendental; seriously, it’s awesome.”

Thanks for doing such a good job that it’s difficult for everybody else, Pat McAfee? That seemed to be what Adams meant.

Yet despite that apparent frustration, she surely knows that the people who saw her interview with Rodgers may not watch McAfee’s show. And it’s entirely possible that someone may answer a question differently, depending on who’s asking and the outlet being represented. Of course, it always feels good as an interviewer to ask a question that hasn’t been posed before and get the subject to think about something he or she may not have previously considered.

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