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Colin Cowherd: Cleveland Is Too Small For A Hot Take

“According to Cowherd, if he’s going to fabricate an opinion with the goal of sparking reaction, he’ll pick a market larger than Cleveland.”



Colin Cowherd has never been a fan of Baker Mayfield, questioning the quarterback’s talent on the field, calling him a bad teammate, criticizing his celebrations and even the way he wears hats. 

On numerous occasions, Mayfield would engage and fight back against Cowherd, which likely enticed the FOX Sports Radio host to keep searching for new criticisms. His latest take that drew the ire of many football fans, is that he would choose Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo over the Browns quarterback. But during his Wednesday show, Cowherd said the anti-Mayfield sentiment isn’t a performance, and his proof is that he plays in Cleveland.

According to Cowherd, if he’s going to fabricate an opinion with the goal of sparking reaction, he’ll pick a market larger than Cleveland. 

“There’s no money in it for me to get Cleveland riled up,” Cowherd said. “You’re not a big enough city. You don’t matter enough. Like it would be one thing if I was riling up New York, or Chicago, or Dallas, or L.A., or Atlanta, or Philadelphia. Cleveland’s like, is Cleveland as big as Columbus, Ohio? I don’t even think it is, is it?”

This isn’t the first time Cowherd pulled back the curtain on his radio show. Just a couple of months ago he explained on-air that some of his predictions are made with the intent of getting the audience to “freak out.” Last summer, Cowherd predicted the Baltimore Ravens would go 16-0. When listeners called him out on being wrong about the 11-5 Ravens, Cowherd defended the prediction.

“I could’ve predicted 14-2, but I thought it was more fun to go 16-0 because you guys would all freak out,” Cowherd explained.

According to Nielsen rankings, Baltimore is the 28th largest media market in the United States, smaller than Cleveland, but still big enough for Cowherd to fabricate a prediction. Cleveland ranks 19th in market size according to Nielsen. The other markets Cowherd listed, New York, Chicago, Dallas, L.A., Atlanta and Philadelphia are all in the top-10. 

Cowherd is bold and brash which will at times lead to odd opinions and false predictions, but it’s more important to say something interesting with conviction than it is to be right. His audience expects to hear unique opinions worthy of a debate, and he always delivers.

Sports Radio News

Danny Parkins To Texas Governor: ‘Kiss My Ass’

“You don’t care about Chicago, you are using Chicago as a red herring, as a slur.”



The mass shooting that took place on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas captured the attention of the nation.

Remarks from Texas Gov. Greg Abbot in the aftermath of the tragedy got the attention of Danny Parkins and Matt Spiegel on 670 The Score in Chicago.

Gov. Abbot brought up the fact that Chicago has a gun violence problem even though gun laws in the city are among the strictest in the country.

Parkins took issue with the Texas governor trying to score political points by dunking on Chicago in a moment of tragedy.

“You don’t care about Chicago, you are using Chicago as a red herring, as a slur,” Parkins said. “And if we want to talk about Chicago, we can talk about Chicago with facts…What about Chicago? Kiss my ass, Greg Abbot. I can’t stand it, man. It’s so insulting.”

What about Chicago is often a talking point from one side of the gun control issue that suggests despite having such tough laws on firearm ownership, thousands of people each year in the city end up shooting victims. Therefore gun control laws don’t work to prevent mass shootings.

Parkins used that phrase for good last year, putting on the What About Chicago Radiothon. The station fundraiser in 2021 raised more that $660,000 for Athletes for Justice and Austin Harvest.

Parkins explained Wednesday that the problems in the Windy City are multi-faceted. Yes, gun violence issues exist, but Parkins said “it is a problem that many, many, many, many people care deeply about and are trying to solve, but it’s a separate problem.”

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Mike Breen Explains How The Knicks, Heat Rivalry Affected Him and Eric Reid

“I’m just one of the voices of the NBA. For example, for Miami Heat fans, there’s only one voice of the NBA, and that’s my buddy Eric Reid.”



Mike Breen and Eric Reid have history. But it’s a good history.

Breen was in Miami for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, which he called for ESPN/ABC. Talking to Jonathan Zaslow on WQAM in Miami on Wednesday, Breen said he didn’t like being called the voice of the NBA because there are so many other great broadcasters, like Reid, out there.

“I’m just one of the voices of the NBA” explained Breen. “For example, for Miami Heat fans, there’s only one voice of the NBA, and that’s my buddy Eric Reid. We’re all part of a great fraternity and all thrilled to be calling games. That’s for sure.”

Reid has been part of the Miami Heat radio crew since the team’s inaugural season. He took over as the play-by-play voice of the team’s radio call in 1991.

Zaslow, who has handled studio duties on the Heat’s radio broadcasts since 2010, told Breen that Reid had told him stories about the 1990’s battles between the Heat and the New York Knicks. He said he remembered things even becoming intense between the two broadcasters at times.

“Because the Knicks and the Heat used to fight, Eric and I had some nasty fights back in the day,” Breen joked.

Mike Breen will call the NBA Finals for ESPN and ABC. Breen was named Outstanding Personality/Play-By-Play at the Sports Emmys this week as well.

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WSJS Adjusts Format To News & Sports Mix In Winston-Salem

“Afternoon host Josh Graham will remain on staff. His show The Drive will continue to air from 3 until 6 pm.”



Truth Broadcasting isn’t sticking to sports. WSJS, which originates from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and also serves Greensboro, is transitioning from all sports talk to a mix of conservative talk and sports.

“While WSJS enjoyed providing the Piedmont Triad with a 24/7 sports format, so much was lost with our connection to the Triad community with little to no live and local talk, news features, guest host hours, award-winning talk shows and more. Now, we’ve remedied that. Just wait until you hear it!” Market Manager Tom Hamilton said in a press release.

Afternoon host Josh Graham will remain on staff. His show The Drive will continue to air from 3 until 6 pm. Nights will be filled by the Rich Eisen Show, followed by programming from CBS Sports Network. The station will also continue to carry local high school play-by-play and the Duke Blue Devils.

The station will add a local morning show featuring Jeffrey Griffin. Triad Today will air from 7-10 AM. WSJS will also feature syndicated shows from Brian Kilmeade, Todd Starnes and Charlie Kirk.

WSJS can be heard on 600 AM as well as four translators. The station’s new weekday lineup goes into effect on June 6. It is listed in full below.

5 AM-6 AM – First Light

6 AM-7 AM – America In The Morning

7 AM-10 AM – Triad Today With Jeffrey Griffin (9 AM-10 AM – Expert Hour)
10 AM-12 NOON – The Brian Kilmeade Show

NOON-2 PM – The Todd Starnes Show

2 PM-3 PM – The Charlie Kirk Show

3 PM-6 PM – The Drive With Josh Graham

6 PM-9 PM – THE Rich Eisen Show

9 PM-10 PM – THE Zach Gelb Show

10 PM-2 AM – JR Sportsbrief

2 AM-5 AM – Amy Lawrence

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