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Jay Glazer Goes Off On Confused British Soccer Fans

“The United faithful has grown increasingly upset with the club’s hierarchy ever since they were announced as founding members of the European Super League last month.”



NFL insider Jay Glazer wasn’t thrilled about a mix-up over the weekend. Manchester United fans mistakenly went after the reporter this weekend thinking he was a part of the Glazer family which owns the club.

“Just to be clear for the thousandth time as I woke up to all this stuff sent my way on social media… my family is from Brooklyn, NOT Tampa,” Glazer stated on Twitter. “We do NOT own Man U. We can’t sell bc WE DON’T OWN IT!!”

The United faithful has grown increasingly upset with the club’s hierarchy ever since they were announced as founding members of the European Super League last month. The anger boiled over into a riot this past weekend when supporters stormed the gates at Old Trafford and broke into the stadium. The event caused United’s match against Liverpool to be postponed.

It appears the pressure was enough for Glazer, not The Glazers, to “sell” his stake in the club.

“Ahhhh f*** it,” Glazer announced. “After much consideration and many talks with my family (none) and due to the fact that the business is just getting in the way of my day-drinking I have, in fact, decided to sell my stake in Manchester United… this decision did not come easy.”

The Glazer family, on the other hand, isn’t showing any intentions to sell the club, which they obtained control of back in 2005. They also own the reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The second championship they have secured with the franchise since purchasing it in 1995.

Glazer, the reporter, has been a part of FOX’s NFL pregame coverage since 2004. He is also involved in the mixed martial arts world, opening up the Unbreakable Performance Center with Brian Urlacher and Lindsey Berg in 2014.

Sports Radio News

John Kincade: Fans Abandoning Baseball ‘Is Biggest Lie In Sports Radio’

“Over and over again, the proof is there that people come back, and they come back in bigger numbers than they ever had before – and they spend more money, by the way.”



For the first time in 26 years, labor peace was disrupted between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association with the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Prior to Wednesday, Major League Baseball had not seen a stoppage in normal business since the 1994-95 strike, which lasted 232 days and resulted in the cancelation of the remainder of that season, including the Postseason and the World Series. The last lockout occurred in 1990, and was resolved in a month’s time, avoiding the league having to cancel any regular season games.

Fast forward to December 2021. Baseball fans would certainly be justified in calling this past month a valid depiction of the state of the game. From the surface, it may seem oxymoronic that over $2.2 billion was spent in contract extensions and free agent signings over that time period, perhaps a verisimilitude for the league’s recovery after lost revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some baseball fans, even those extremely passionate about the game, yearn for everything to be figured out, and the words “Play ball!” to be shouted at the ballpark again as scheduled this spring. Despite this work stoppage, “People will most definitely come [back]” to patronize America’s pastime, says John Kincade, the eponymous host of The John Kincade Show on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. And if anyone says otherwise, he’ll be there to call them out on what he says is “The biggest lie ever told in sports radio.”

“Five times on this radio station [yesterday], I heard the biggest lie that’s ever told in sports radio,” said Kincade. “‘I’m done with this sport. I’m never watching again. I’m finished. This is the last straw.’ This is such the biggest load of crap, and it’s documented [and] proven over and over again… You’re lying. You know it. I know it. But nobody will call you on it. I will. You’re a fraud. You know you’re coming back. You talk a big game, but you always cave.”

A seasoned radio veteran who has hosted local and national shows around the country, Kincade has a wealth of experience talking about sports on the air. By virtue of that experience, he has also heard and responded to opinions from callers and other hosts that he knows are mendacious, not always by intent, and/or an overreaction. Therefore, he came prepared with facts to back up his claim, and prove why the fans will come back no matter how grotesque these negotiations might be portrayed by those with knowledge of the proceedings.

“Baseball has set ten new attendance records since [the strike in 1994],” said Kincade. “Baseball teams have tripled in revenues. Baseball teams’ values have quadrupled.”

Some baseball fans are already preparing for a disappointing summer without the game, including co-host Bob Cooney. If the lockout stretches into the regular season, he admits that baseball will undoubtedly lose part of his fandom.

“I’m watching golf now because I really want to get into it, [and] because I’m anticipating baseball’s going to screw me come April, May, June, whatever,” expressed Cooney. “I don’t speak in… absolutes, but I’m sitting there saying: ‘If they’re going to do this, I’m really going to look for another form of entertainment in the summer.’ I really am.”

Jamie Lynch, who has been a staple of morning programming on 97.5 The Fanatic since 2015, was discontented with the 1994-95 strike since it happened in the midst of an ongoing season. He fears a similar outcome could befall young people this time around, especially if it drags on for an extended period of time.

“The [1994-95 strike] damaged me,” explained Lynch. “It changed me as a fan of the sport… I honestly couldn’t comprehend why grown men were saying ‘no’ to playing a game. There’s probably kids out there now that are going: ‘Wait. Why aren’t they playing?’”

Kincade hopes more on-air hosts, when they hear ‘the biggest lie in sports radio,’ will call the disseminators of that message out for the falsity inherent in that statement.

“I want to hear a host go, ‘You know you’re coming back. You’re full of it. You’re coming back…,’” said Kincade. “Over and over again, the proof is there that people come back, and they come back in bigger numbers than they ever had before – and they spend more money, by the way.”

“I’ve heard hosts do that,” said Pat Egan, co-host of the morning drive program in the “City of Brotherly Love,” “but it’s a very reactionary statement… When the games restart, and they always restart, eventually, you’re back. You’re watching – every time – because you’re a sports fan.”

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Sports Radio News

Maggie Gray, Andrew Perloff Take Over Afternoons on CBS Sports Radio

Gray will be returning to a familiar station for her in CBS Sports radio, where she was a morning show host from 2013 to 2018.



Yesterday we reported that WFAN’s midday show would soon be hosted by Tiki and Tierney. The CBS Sports Radio duo featuring Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney will officially move into the time slot in January.

That raised questions about the future roles for Maggie Gray and Marc Malusis.

Today, we’ve learned what’s next, at least for Gray. Audacy has announced Gray will return to CBS Sports Radio, where she previously hosted shows prior to joining FAN.

Gray will become part of the afternoon show, replacing Tiki and Tierney, teaming up with Andrew Perloff. Perloff, better known to Dan Patrick Show listeners as McLovin’ will be heard on over 300 stations across the country, weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time beginning January 3rd. Perloff had been with the DP Show since 2009. He had also hosted shows for NBC Sports Radio.

“We’re excited to grow Maggie’s footprint to a wider national audience on CBS Sports Radio and welcome Andrew to join her as co-host,” said Spike Eskin, Vice President of Programming, WFAN 101.9 FM / 660 AM and CBS Sports Radio. “Together, Maggie and Andrew will deliver a fresh weekday show for our listeners, adding another must-listen program to the station’s impressive slate of content.”

Gray went to social media to tell her fans about the news of the new afternoon show.

Perloff also took to social media to announce the news as well as saying his goodbye to the Dan Patrick Show, which it looks like he will be leaving once his new show starts at the beginning of 2022.

He had this to say on his time at the Dan Patrick Show.

“Now that it’s out, I want to express my gratitude to @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton @brooklynfritzy. Incredible honor to be part of this team and share the fun with so many fans. They’re stuck with me for a few more weeks!”

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Sports Radio News

Tim McKernan Bolts 590 The Fan For Hubbard St. Louis Cluster

“The show, which McKernan owns, currently runs 7-10 AM on The Fan. That will end on December 23.”



Tim McKernan is taking The Morning After to a new home in St. Louis. The show, which is currently broadcast by 590 The Fan, will move to 105.7 HD2, a sub channel of 105.7 The Point and YouTube. He will also be hosting a mid day show on 101 ESPN.

The show, which McKernan owns, currently runs 7-10 AM on The Fan. That will end on December 23. Co-hosts Doug Vaughn, Ken “Iggy” Strode and “Action” Jackson Burkett will go with McKernan.

“We’ve been wanting to grow our digital footprint for years, and adding ‘The Morning After’ is a huge step in that direction,” Hubbard-St. Louis operations manager Tommy Mattern said in a statement to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. ”With the addition of the YouTube channel, not only can you listen to TMA but you can watch it live, which is something we think their audience will embrace.”

The mid day show on 101 ESPN will run from 10-11 AM and be called Balloon Party. Tim McKernan wrote on Facebook that the name has a local origin.

“We have decided to name the show Balloon Party as a tribute to the late, great Joe Strauss,” McKernan wrote. “’Balloon Party’ was one of Strauss’s go-to lines when he saw the media trying to frame a story in a more flattering way than what the truth really was. That is absolutely no indication of what we are going to do on the show. I just like the name. And I just miss Joe Strauss.”

Randy Markel, the owner of 590 The Fan, says he was not involved in negotiations with McKernan. He wished the show well in its move.

All content produced by Tim McKernan, including The Morning After, is owned by his company Enterprises. He says that made the move easier to execute.

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