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Mobster vs. Prosecutor: Franzese and Giuliani talk on Joe Pags Show

The two revisited their courtroom conflict in four-part interview.



Nationally syndicated radio host Joe Pags aired a special four-part interview last week with former prosecutor Rudy Giuliani and former high-profile mobster Michael Franzese. Giuliani prosecuted Franzese back in the 1980’s for various federal crimes. 

The two men had not seen or spoken to each other in nearly 40 years, but they have reportedly mended fences and put their differences aside. Pags said that he conducts interviews with both men on a regular basis and got the idea to bring the two together after Giuliani asked how Franzese was doing.

“First of all, the cases that I prosecuted were never personal,” said Giuliani. “All of the cases I prosecuted my professional. Some of the cases were worse than others and some of the individuals were actually nice people who just got caught up in bad stuff.”

In 1985, Franzese was indicted on 14 counts of racketeering, counterfeiting, and extortion. A year later he pleaded guilty to two counts and was sentenced to a decade in federal prison. He was arrested for defrauding the government out of gasoline taxes.

Franzese was a well-respected captain in the Colombo crime family. Since his release from prison, he has written six books and become a motivational speaker. 

“I grew up hating law enforcement because all I could remember from the point I was young is them trying to put away my father,” said Franzese. “My dad, who was my hero, put a lot of things in my head about law enforcement. A lot of guys I grew up with did not like law enforcement because they were street guys.” 

The Joe Pags Show is a daily news/talk show heard from 5-8pm Central from Flagship WOAI in San Antonio and broadcast on dozens affiliate stations nationwide. 

Joe Pags is ranked #12 in the 2020 Talkers Magazine “Heavy Hundred” and his show was recently named to the NewsMax list of the most influential local talk shows in the country.

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Frank MacKay Named President of WABC’s Long Island Division

MacKay has hosted a daily show on JVC Media’s “LI News Radio” 103.9 WRCN Riverhead since 2012



Red Apple Media is attempting to grow its reach outside the tri-state area. The company has named Frank MacKay as President of its Long Island Division, helping to expand Conservative Talk 770 WABC New York and 107.1 WLIR Hampton Bays.

John Catsimatidis, Chairman/CEO of Red Apple Media and 77 WABC Radio, purchased WLIR 107.1 to grow the reach of 77 WABC Radio to the east end of Long Island in 2020.

Furthermore, MacKay is familiar with the market the Long Island market. The chairman of the Independence Party of New York State has hosted a daily show on JVC Media’s “LI News Radio” 103.9 WRCN Riverhead since 2012 that was also syndicated to JVC’s Florida markets.

“Frank MacKay has longstanding knowledge of Long Island media, government, and politics, which will be an asset to this station. We are excited to expand and enhance 77 WABC Radio’s presence on Long Island,” Catsimatidis said in a statement relayed by Radio Insight

After two years of securing the station, the company is beginning to garner an audience outside the city. Catsimatidis adds that MacKay’s background in radio and television made him the ideal candidate for Red Apple Media. 

“Frank Mackay has been a longtime fixture on television and radio,” the statement said.

“Throughout his award-winning career, MacKay has conducted over 5,000 interviews with high-profile individuals, ranging from professional athletes and celebrities to Presidents of the United States, Speakers of the House, and Senate Majority Leaders.”

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Mark Levin: Laura Ingraham “Has a Cork up Her Nose” About Dr. Mehmet Oz

Levin even took a shot at colleague Laura Ingraham saying she “has a cork up her nose” about this “perfectly legitimate conservative.”



Fox News’ Mark Levin is coming to the defense of celebrity cardiothoracic surgeon-turned-Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

Levin even took a shot at colleague Laura Ingraham saying she “has a cork up her nose” about this “perfectly legitimate conservative.” He didn’t mention the Fox News host’s name but referred to her by her time slot. 

“For some reason, the ten p.m.-er has a real hate-on for Oz,” Levin said, per The Wrap. “I don’t hate Oz. I don’t hate [Pennsylvania Senate candidate David] McCormick. I think they’re both terrific men. I don’t really hate any of these candidates.”

Levin speculated what Ingraham’s issue is with Oz since she isn’t from the state; however, he does say that some hosts feel they’re entitled to the power of a camera and that they know what’s best for certain states.

“But there’s something going on with the 10 p.m.-er. I’m a Pennsylvanian. 10 p.m.-er is not a Pennsylvanian. But some people, because they have a camera in their face, actually think they know what’s best for you without actually inquiring into it,” Levin added.

“Sounds like a perfectly nice guy, sounds like a perfectly legitimate conservative. No reason to tear the guy down, I don’t think — Do you Mr. Producer? And yet these people get these platforms; they think they’re so smart. 10 p.m.-er has a cork up her nose at this. I don’t know what the problem is.”

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WBEN Among the Local Outlets Leading Coverage on Buffalo Man Shooting

WBEN broadcast coverage of numerous press briefings Saturday and Sunday in addition to fielding phone calls from residents who were clearly shaken by Saturday’s events.



Buffalo’s News Talk WBEN covered the horrific mass shooting at a Tops Market Saturday, leaving ten people dead. According to police, the attack was live-streamed on the social gaming platform Twitch.

The story captivated a national audience and quickly fueled debates about First Amendment rights as reports circulated that 18-year-old suspect Payton Gendron published a manifesto consistent with white supremacist ideology. 

WBEN broadcast coverage of numerous press briefings Saturday and Sunday in addition to fielding phone calls from residents who were shaken by Saturday’s events. Station reporters sought reaction from the scene speaking to Tops worker Fragrance Harris Stanfield who she’ll never forget the second gunshots ring out.

“I turned around to tell my daughter how I was feeling, and we heard gunshots,” Standfield told the website. “We weren’t sure they were here at our building, so everyone stopped and turned and looked for the front door.”

WBEN spoke to Buffalo attorney Paul Cambria who discussed the challenges of monitoring social media platforms to thwart future attacks. 

“They’re really no controls on social media speech,” Cambria said. “Twitter and Facebook and so on people can live stream things without the government telling them no you can do this and do that.”

Cambria alluded to certain Facebook rules where users can end up in “Facebook jail” for violating community standards but reiterated there are no specifics safeguards in place to prevent attacks like the one we witnessed on Saturday.

“That is a company policy as opposed to one imposed by the government,” he added. 

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