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NBA Eyeing Midseason Tournament To Boost Media Deal

The league is searching for an increase on their next rights deal.



Courtesy: ESPN

Rumblings surfaced back in March that the NBA is searching for an increase on their next media rights deal. The question was how do they get the $75 billion price tag they are searching for?

A midseason tournament.

At least that’s what league executive Byron Spruell is championing ahead of the negotiations. CNBC’s Jabari Young dove into the details of the executive’s plan to inject new life in the regular season. Young described how it might mirror the “Commissioner’s Cup” being played for the first this season in the WNBA.

“WNBA players will divide a $500,000 prize pool,” Young wrote. “The winning team gets $30,000 per player, runner-up $10,000 per player, and the MVP of the Commissioner’s Cup title game takes home $5,000. Google is a major sponsor of the WNBA tournament. And Amazon is the media partner that will stream the games on its Prime video service. The NBA wanted the concept for its 75th anniversary, but the pandemic changed things. So this year, league executives will study the fanfare of the WNBA’s format.”

The added sponsorship is a boost for the WNBA, but if there is no clear difference between a regular-season game and a “Cup” game besides added money in the player’s pockets, fans won’t care. The various tournaments in European soccer matter because they have a built-in history and importance through decades of play.

That kind of tradition can’t be built in one summer marketing campaign by the NBA. Former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson is more bullish, especially if there is something on the line for the viewer, like an added draft pick.

“It’s more quality programming,” former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson said to Young. “I can’t imagine the viewer would object or not watch. The idea of the mid-season tournament has an appeal in terms of creating more exciting and competitive games that might otherwise not exist during the regular season.”

People within NBA circles told Young they are split on the idea, but if the All-Star Game and Play-In Tournament are any indications, it could be good for the league to keep switching things up.

Sports TV News

Broadcasters Can’t Stop Laughing At Knee Scooter Fighter

Nebraska’s Trey McGowens rode over to the altercation with his knee scooter in a video that has been going viral overnight.



There was a hilarious moment in the four overtime thriller between North Carolina State and Nebraska that had broadcasters Mike Couzens and Cory Alexander in stitches.

In the second half of the game, there was an altercation where benches cleared for both sides, and one of the players went over to the skirmish in an unconventional way.

Nebraska’s Trey McGowens, who is out with a broken metatarsal in his foot, rode over to the altercation with his knee scooter in a video that has been going viral overnight.

You can hear Alexander trying to break down the altercation and what is happening on the court while Couzens is losing it, overwhelmed by laughter in a moment that fans at home surely enjoyed.

It didn’t look like McGowens was going over to get involved in the altercation, but regardless you have to respect the effort to ride all the way to the other side of the court to potentially put yourself in harm’s way with a broken foot.

The broadcasters pointed out that McGowens brother, Bryce McGowens, a freshman who also plays on Nebraska was involved in the altercation, so it looks like Trey McGowens was just looking out for his little brother.

The game was one of the best all season, with NC State taking the victory in the fourth overtime, but this moment could have been even better than the game.

Many took to social media after this moment happened to express how funny they thought this was in real time.

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Sports TV News

Jay Williams Calls Out ESPN For Tweeting His Quote Out Of Context

One of Williams’ quotes taken by the ESPN College Football social media team was taken out of context in a tweet that was deleted by ESPN.



Jay Williams, a part of the trio that makes up Keyshawn, JWill & Max, is not happy with ESPN’s social media team.

The topic of Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame to become the LSU Tigers new head coach was discussed on the show, and apparently, one of Williams’ quotes taken by the ESPN College Football social media team was taken out of context in a tweet that was deleted by ESPN.

Here is a screenshot of the tweet that was deleted by the ESPN social media team.

Williams responded on social media saying ” Damn @ESPNCFB .. don’t cut my quote short & make it sound this way. I have no problem with him leaving for more money.. this is what I said though: “I think that’s cowardly to not finish the season with your team especially if they make the CFP. You owe the young men that”.

Williams does have a point here. The network could have just as easily made Williams statement in its entirety a post as it is. They could have included a link to the show where he says the statement and posted that on their social media for full context.

This is not an uncommon trend for ESPN as of late. They have been keeping their posts short and sweet without much context. Tom Brady recently took a shot at ESPN on social media for not including a link to the show that he was on.

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Sports TV News

Erin Dolan Returns To ESPN As Sports Betting Analyst

Dolan will contribute sports betting content across a variety of programs and platforms.



Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently said that the company has found there is a broader acceptance of sports betting among the general public, and now they are ramping up their sports betting personalities at the company with a familiar face.

ESPN has reached a multi-year contract with sports betting analyst Erin Dolan. Dolan had a previous stint with the company in 2017, and is set to return as a sports betting analyst for her former employer.

Erin Dolan took to social media to express her excitement for her second stint at the company.

She will contribute sports betting content across a variety of programs and platforms. She will be a regular on daily sports betting news and information programs, Daily Wager, ESPN Bet and the Daily Wager podcast, among others. She is set to make her debut this week on Daily Wager.

Prior to rejoining ESPN, Erin Dolan was on-air talent at FanDuel and PointsBet, creating sports betting content across their social channels and various programming.

She also co-hosted a weekly YouTube and Twitch show, “Girls Who Bet,” was part of B/R Betting’s, “The Group Chat,” and hosted “The Early Line” weekdays from 7-9 a.m. ET on SiriusXM.

“During the time I was in college and an active ESPN intern, sports betting was not a career path a broadcast professional would even think of pursuing. It was just too niche,” Erin Dolan said.

“Fast forward more than four years later, sports betting content is exploding and I am entering the doors of ESPN once again, but this time as a sports betting analyst. I am thrilled that I get the opportunity to grow my career at ESPN and I am so grateful they are betting on me.”

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