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Dan Dakich Joins Outkick, Rips ESPN, Matt Jones

“When asked why he was drawn to Outkick, Dakich answered that he was interested in expanding his conversations.”



Outkick is expanding its digital audio offerings. Dan Dakich was a guest on Monday’s edition of Outkick 360, and he announced that people will soon be able to hear him more on the network. His new show, Sack Up with Dan Dakich will start next month and air from 9-11 am Eastern on weekdays.

In a nod to the BSM Top 20, Jonathan Hutton introduced Dakich by saying “Number one and number two are together again. Pleased to announce that Dan Dakich joins the Outkick network starting next month.”

When asked why he was drawn to Outkick, Dakich answered that he was interested in expanding his conversations.

“I don’t mind talking politics. I don’t mind talking about things that maybe ESPN didn’t necessarily want me talking about. I’m not gonna do games at ESPN, and that was as much my choice as their choice. I was there for ten years, I got paid for all of my games. I got to pay for seven people’s college education off of it. I got to pay for people’s chemo treatments. I got to do a ton of stuff because of the money and that’s fine, but there’s a whole world out there that I want to have influence in.”

That was not the only time ESPN was mentioned during the appearance. He described his love for radio and audience feedback as similar to his love for coaching. Success is determined by results. He said that wasn’t always the case when calling college basketball games at ESPN and that was frustrating.

“I had everyone of my bosses at ESPN tell me ‘you are the best guy we have at ESPN, period.’ And I am like ‘Okay, then why am I not doing North Carolina/Duke’ or ‘Why am I getting bumped by Vitale and Bilas to do the Indiana/Purdue game? It’s a big game.’ It’s not a meritocracy and I like meritocracy.”

As for his exit, Dakich seems very much at peace with not being part of World Wide Leader anymore. He joked that the network hiring Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio was the last straw for him.

“Once ESPN hired him, I was good with not being there. I’ll tell you that right now. Once I saw that dumb ass got hired, I was cool.”

Dan Dakich did not address the future of his show on The Fan in Indianapolis. The new Outkick show will end an hour before his local show starts. It is reasonable to assume he would do both.

He promised that even when he veered into political or social discussions, “it’s gonna be all sports based. It’s gonna be a ton of gambling.”

BSM readers may remember that Tyler McComas profiled Dakich and his attempt to work off the money he lost betting on the NCAA Tournament by delivering food for DoorDash. Dakich told Outkick 360 that he only has one more week of driving before he is at his stopping point. He also revealed that it was losing $4000 on the first round of the tournament that started that journey.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael stepnak

    September 30, 2021 at 11:35 am

    Dakich on politics? No thx, dude needs to stick with his wheelhouse, basketball, baseball and football and gambling. Spare us the political crap, he’s actually proud he voted fer Trump! Nuff said…

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Sports Online

Andrew Marchand, John Ourand Partner For Podcast

”The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast will be a must-listen for every sports fan.”



Via New York Post on Twitter

It seems that Andrew Marchand and John Ourand have a big announcement on International Podcast Day. The pair via Twitter that they are teaming up to start a new sports media podcast.

“We are excited to partner with Sports Business Journal and bring together these two iconic voices in sports media,” said Sean Giancola, CEO of The New York Post. “The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast will be a must-listen for every sports fan and we’re looking forward to extending the Post’s sports coverage with this exciting new addition.”

Episodes will release weekly on Wednesdays starting on October 6th on all podcasting platforms including the New York Post’s podcasting section.

The New York Post draws smart, knowledgeable readers who fully know and appreciate their sports,” said Abe Madkour, Publisher and Executive Editor of the Sports Business Journal. “We can’t wait to combine their following with Sports Business Journal’s base of industry professionals and have everyone hear the two leading voices in sports media discuss and debate the biggest stories of the day.”

This is a huge announcement for two of the most respected and best-known people covering the sports media, and it should make for an interesting and informative listen. Several colleagues voiced their excitement for the upcoming podcast.

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Sports Online

JBoy: Mike Wilbon’s Lane Kiffin Take Is Lazy

”We have all screwed up, nobody is perfect.”



On Tuesday’s edition of Pardon The Interruption, Michael Wilbon had some strong takes on current Ole Miss head football coach Lane Kiffin.

Wilbon called Kiffin ”a clown” and said he ”has been an embarrassment everywhere he goes.” Jake Crain, aka ”Jboy” of The Volume’s The Jboy Show, said that this was far too harsh of a criticism of Kiffin.

”People have the ability to grow up and change. Early in Lane Kiffin’s career, I don’t think you are too far off base, with what happened at Oakland, at USC, and at Tennessee, all this stuff. But you have to let people grow.” said Crain.

Crain added that Wilbon can go out and blast him, but to say that people don’t want Kiffin is just incorrect.

”Let me give you a hint Mike, there is a lot of people that want him, a lot of AD’s, a lot of fan bases. Because he is an instant solve to an offensive problem. And he has not been a problem off of the field.” added Crain.

Jboy then Wilbon’s take “lazy.” He was quick top point out that he did not have any ill-feelings towards Wilbon personally. ”He has been doing this for a long time and does a really good job, but to me like Michael Jordan used to say, why are you reaching man.”

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Sports Online

Dave Portnoy: Howard Stern Has Become A Hypocrite

“As Portnoy sees it, the King of All Media is no longer the dangerous outsider he used to be.”



Barstool Sports

Dave Portnoy doesn’t want to hear from Howard Stern anymore. The Barstool Sports founder stuck up for podcast pioneer and powerhouse Joe Rogan recently after Stern mocked Rogan for taking Invermectin instead of just getting the Covid vaccine.

As Portnoy sees it, the King of All Media is no longer the dangerous outsider he used to be. Now, he has become more of a moralist and nag.

“From a side, he seems like he’s sort of become hypocritical,” Portnoy said on the latest episode of the Barstool podcast The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co. “He seems like somebody who slung it and would do anything and he’s quick now to wag his finger at you. He almost seems like he’d be wagging his finger at his younger self.”

Howard Stern took delight in roasting anti-vax talk radio hosts that ended up dying from Covid last month saying “F*** them, f*** their freedom”.

While the language has gotten more raw since Stern moved to satellite radio in 2006, it is clear that many of the bits that many of his long time fans remember and were recreated for the movie Private Parts are a thing of the past. Maybe that makes Stern a hypocrite. Maybe it just means he realizes at 67, he can’t do the same show he did at 47.

Eddie Farrar, Portnoy’s co-host, laments that Howard Stern is not as politically incorrect as he was in the 90s and early 2000s.

“He went that route and I think people were very upset because he could have been the one leading the charge against the whole PC bullsh*t,” he said.

Whether or not advocating for people to take the Covid vaccine is politically correct can be debated. Cheering the deaths of people who didn’t certainly is not.

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