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Caller Ignores Wreck To Give Angelo Cataldi His Ben Simmons Take

“James described the whole saga on ‘Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team.'”

Russ Heltman



Courtesy: 94 WIP

Philadelphia sports fans are famous for their passion, and that was on full display from one 94 WIP caller on Friday. A fan named James wanted to give his two cents about the Ben Simmons debacle going on with the Philadelphia 76ers when someone rear-ended him.

Car crash, fender bender, hit and run, it didn’t matter because James was firing off his take no matter what. He described the whole saga on Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team.

James describes car accident live on sportsradio 94 wip

“We are doing great,” Cataldi said to the caller. “What’s on your mind, bro?”

“Oh, not bad,” James said. “someone just hit my car…and they are driving off, that’s ok.”

The show hosts were amazed at his composure while they tried to offer help. Rhea Hughes suggested the caller should read Cataldi his license plate to write down, while Cataldi told James, “I’ll get a lawyer for you.”

“They swerved into my lane,” James continued. “Oh well, anyway, I was calling about Ben Simmons.”

“You just got into a car accident, and you’re calling about Ben Simmons?” Cataldi said in a puzzled tone.

“Yeah, cuz he annoys me more than someone hitting me with their car and driving off,” James responded.

Simmons has been away from the team all season as he deals with mental health issues that he claims aren’t allowing him to reach his potential on the court. This Sixer fan isn’t buying it, joining the group of critics who believe Simmons is using his mental health as a last-ditch excuse not to play in games.

“I wanna talk about how annoying Ben Simmons is because it makes me sick that he is lying about mental health,” James said.

“Ok, I’m really having a hard time paying attention to the call because you just got hit,” Cataldi responded as he got the show back on track. “I actually heard the contact.” 

James said his peace, and the show carried on with the rest of the morning. Everything besides James’ bumper and Simmons’ popularity got through the accident unscathed.

Sports Radio News

Charles Barkley: ‘I Want to Be on TV Less’

“His contract with Warner Bros. Discovery runs through 2024-25.”

Jordan Bondurant



Charles Barkley

It’s possible you could see Charles Barkley appearing occasionally on CNN.

Reports from The Wall Street Journal and Variety this week indicate the cable news network is close to finishing a deal that would have Gayle King on the network. Rumors have said that the network would like to have Barkley join her, but Barkley says nothing is decided on his end.

In an appearance on Bickley & Marotta on Arizona Sports on Tuesday, the Suns legend and NBA on TNT analyst said he and King are friends so this wouldn’t be a situation where the duo would be coming in green.

“I’ve gotten to know her well through the years through my relationship with Oprah (Winfrey) and she’s just cool,” Barkley said. “I said, ‘I would consider doing a show with Gayle, one day a week starting in the fall.'”

But Barkley, 60, reiterated what he’s made known for a while now: he doesn’t plan on sticking around in the TV business for too much longer. His contract with Warner Bros. Discovery runs through 2024-25. So this CNN opportunity could be pretty limited in scope, which is what Charles desired.

“It’ll only be one day a week if I decide to do it,” Barkley said. “I said, ‘No, I don’t want to be on TV more. I want to be on TV less.'”

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John Kincade: Thursday Night Football Flex Vote About ‘Licking Jeff Bezos’s Boots’

“For these billionaires to be licking his boots? Embarrassing. They can’t do this. It’s obnoxious.”




John Kincade

A report claims that at the NFL owners meetings, a proposal to give the league the ability to implement flex scheduling for Thursday Night Football was proposed. 97.5 The Fanatic’s John Kincade was flabbergasted at the idea.

The proposal would allow the NFL to move scheduled games in the final weeks of the season from Sunday to Thursday. The league would also have to change the rule that teams could only play one Thursday Night Football game per season to accommodate the change.

During The John Kincade Show Tuesday, the host claimed that even considering the idea was simply a matter of the owners kowtowing to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, whose company — Prime Video — broadcasts the package.

“They’re licking Jeff Bezos’s boots,” Kincade said. “I can only imagine buddies running trips and fans go ‘Ok, I’m going to the Eagles game on Sunday. I’m flying in Friday, spend two nights in a hotel, and fly out Monday’. Oh no you’re not, the game’s been moved to Thursday night. This is freaking ridiculous, and shining Bezos’s shoes is freaking embarrassing. For these billionaires to be licking his boots? Embarrassing. They can’t do this. It’s obnoxious.”

Kincade continued by marvelling at the idea even being floated to the public.

“To me, it’s just such a dumb idea. But sometimes those things happen in sports.”

The 97.5 The Fanatic host is not the only sports media member who has shared their displeasure with the proposal this week. Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King aired similar sentiments, saying “We can all agree this seems insane.”

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Mike Francesa: BetRivers Podcast Is Enough For Me Right Now

“I’ve had a couple offers in the last couple of months. I’ve turned them all down. Anybody that’s asked me for steady work or to do something Monday through Friday I’ve said no.”

Jordan Bondurant



Mike Francesa

If you were hoping to catch Mike Francesa hosting a daily TV or radio show in the future, that ship has likely sailed.

Asked by a listener on his Mike Francesa Podcast if he would go back to doing a show on television similar to his Mike’d Up program on NBC New York, Francesa said it’s not in his future.

“I would doubt it,” he said on his Monday episode. “At this point, I’m not as visible. So it wouldn’t make as much sense as having me now as it would then. And frankly, I’m doing what I do now, and I love doing it.”

Francesa reunited with his former WFAN co-host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on ESPN’s First Take back in January, but Mike said the podcast he’s doing for the BetRivers Network checks all the boxes of what he’s looking for work-wise at the moment.

“It’s actually enough,” he said. “I’ve had a couple offers in the last couple of months. I’ve turned them all down. Anybody that’s asked me for steady work or to do something Monday through Friday I’ve said no.”

“It would have to be something very unusual for me to do on a regular basis,” he added.

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