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Syndicated Hosts Need to Do Their Part to Create Local Flavor

Syndicated host should be willing to do whatever they can (if they’re smart and care) to help a station and local market. 



Those of us on the programming side of radio all want more. Granted, if we have a single, competitive bone in our body, we should want more; more marketing, more access to research and information, more cross-promotion, and in many cases, more local content. But, there’s nothing wrong with wanting that and pushing for it while also understanding the problematic situations our business finds itself in as we continue to dig out of the pandemic. 

So there have always been two options. On would be to complain to anyone who will listen (and that group is much smaller than you think), or continue to push forward, make the best of the resources you’re given while also planning and plotting for a future of achieving what it is you eventually want for the radio station. 

Depending on your company and market size, you may have one or two local shows on your station for many news talkers. Of course, you may prefer having local, but at the same time, having syndication isn’t something you need to, or should, view as a negative. 

What can you do in news talk syndication to create a “local flavor”? How can you make these syndicated hosts, many of whom have hundreds of affiliates, feel like they’re part of your market? Well, that depends on who your host is, but many will be willing to do whatever they can (if they’re smart and care) to help your station and market. 

In our case at KCMO Talk Radio, Dave Ramsey has always been a very engaged syndicated host with our market. From hosting Ramsey events in Kansas City to providing himself and his personalities as guests on our local shows to doing local endorsements, there is a strong connection and feeling to the audience that Dave is part of the KCMO family. He has also been a staple in his mid-day time slot on the station for over a decade.

For more newcomers to the station like Ben Shapiro, who is also incredibly busy as a co-founder of The Daily Wire, he may not be as accessible. Still, he is willing to turn around topical and unique liners and rejoins we can use throughout syndication that make Ben sound like he’s one with Kansas City. For example, rejoins over bumper music during the holidays, saying, “Hey, it’s Ben Shapiro, and to all our KCMO listeners, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

Around the rest of the station, Mark Levin’s book publisher was kind enough to send us a few extra copies of his recent bestseller, American Marxism. We then planned an interview with Mark to promote his book and talk about the day’s news while announcing we would then be giving away copies all week long. 

Some of these items are smaller than others, but they’re personable and are appreciated by listeners. And guess what, these small things add up.

Granted, they may not add up by tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year, but they’re building blocks. Whether it’s something glorious like events with personalities or smaller items like topical liners, these move the station forward in a positive way. As a bonus, it prevents you from complaining to someone who likely doesn’t want to hear it anyway. Everybody wins. 

News Radio

News Media Reacts to Justice Stephen Breyer Retiring

The news media world is reacting to Breyer retiring and the next person Biden should appoint to replace him.



NBC News’ Pete Williams reports that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the bench. As a result, President Joe Biden will have the opportunity to nominate the first justice of his presidency.

Breyer’s announcement of his retirement comes months after speculation whether his decision to step down for the express purpose of letting Biden and Congressional Democrats uphold the ideological balance of the court.

The news media world is reacting to Breyer retiring and the next person Biden should appoint to replace him.

SiriusXM host Joe Madison has already the ideal replacement to replace the outgoing Breyer.

Radio host Erick Erickson states that Biden needs a young judge and that Democrats won’t get too far left.

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin states that the president has the opportunity to appoint someone that can serve for several decades.

Fox New’s Guy Benson believes that if there’s no ideological shift on the court is at stake, the appointment could be a smooth transition.

Radio host Clay Travis believes Breyer’s retirement is sending a strong signal to the Democrats.

Ben Shapiro believes that Breyer’s departure is a sign of what will come at the midterm elections later this year.

Chip Franklin made it known that he had Justice Breyer retiring before Clarence Thomas.

Liz Wheeler wants Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to think hard when it comes to replacing Supreme Court Justice Breyer.

Keith Olbermann believes that a minority appointment will be blocked, but he ponders who will be stopping that nomination.

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News Radio

Audacy St. Louis Names Steve Moore Operations Manager

In his new position with the company, Moore will manage the markets’ six brands



Audacy in St. Louis sees some changes as they’ll have some new leadership at the company’s radio stations owned in the city. Audacy announced that Steve Moore will take over the role as Operations Manager.

“I am beyond delighted to have Steve ascend into this new role,” Becky Domyan, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy St. Louis, said in a statement.

“He has been so instrumental in building operational alignment, collaboration, and synergy across our St. Louis footprint. I am looking forward to Steve helping us continue to grow our incredible brands.”

In his new position with the company, Moore will manage the markets’ six brands – 102.5 KEZK (KEZK-FM), Y98 (KYKY-FM), 97.1 FM Talk (KFTK-FM), News Radio 1120 KMOX (KMOX-AM), Hot 104.1 (WHHL-FM), and 96.3 The Lou (WFUN-FM).

“I couldn’t be more excited for this new opportunity,” Moore said. “I appreciate the trust that Becky Domyan and Audacy have shown me, and I’m looking forward to working more closely with Derrick, Leo, and the talented broadcasters on these incredible music stations.”

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News Radio

Futuri Names Tracy Gilliam Strategy Officer, Todd Storch Revenue Officer

Gilliam is one of the founding members of Futuri; Storch’s new role as CRO, he will be responsible for all revenue generation processes at Futuri. 



Ohio based Futuri Media, a company specializing in cloud-based audience engagement has announced the creation of a new leadership team Tuesday. Futuri named Tracy Gilliam its Chief Strategy Officer and Todd Storch its Chief Revenue Officer. 

Gilliam is one of the founding members of Futuri, previously serving as General Sales Manager for CBS Radio in Los Angeles, and VP/Market Manager for the company now known as iHeartMedia.

“Given the astounding pace of change with today’s audiences and advertisers, there’s never been a more crucial time for brands to leverage the right technology to create and monetize their content — and that’s exactly what Futuri delivers,” Gilliam said in a statement. 

In Storch’s new role as CRO, he will be responsible for all revenue generation processes at Futuri. 

“A culture of innovation and delivering solution-based software is at the core of Futuri’s mission,” Storch said in a statement. “We believe that this is an opportune time for media companies with a growth mindset, and we’re here to help generate content and increase audience and revenue for new customers, partners, and markets.”

Futuri bills itself as the leading provider of AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions for broadcasters and digital publishers. 

Al-driven audience engagement is the practice where brand marketers assess a target audience, build personas, create campaign strategies, and develop multiple creative campaigns. 

“With Tracy Gilliam and Todd Storch in these important new roles, Futuri is well-positioned to continue our record of continuous profitable growth and grow the company through organic and inorganic measures,” said Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig.

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