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News Media Reacts to the First Anniversary of U.S. Capitol Riot

Several news media members have reflected on the date, thinking back at the incident and how this date will go down in American history. 



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Thursday marked the first anniversary of the January 6 U.S. Capitol Riot, in which supporters of former President Donald Trump sought to overturn the 2020 election result. 

Leading up to the anniversary, several news media members have reflected on the date, thinking back at the incident and how this date will go down in American history. 

Fox News Capitol Hill reporter Chad Pergram wrote a column for the network, recalling his thoughts when he saw the large group storm the building. Pergram states that he will give a tour of what he saw that day in the future. 

“I’m confident I will give tours again at some point. And when I do, I’ll have a lot of other things in my repertoire to show people,” Pergram said. 

“Things on the East Front. In Statuary Hall. On the edge of the Speaker’s Lobby. Dark memories. Grim memories. It’s all part of the story now. I remember these things because I was here on January 6. And I hope you remember them, too.” 

Former Trump White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Stephanie Grisham appeared on CNN and gave details as to what the former president was doing during the incident.

Former Newsmax anchor Steve Cortes cited a poll by CBS in which Americans believe that Jan. 6th was a protest gone too far and not an insurrection.

MSNBC’s Kailani Koenig decided to share a video of where she was covering the event as Trump supporters were around the Capitol building.

Spectrum News reporter Taylor Popielarz decided to share some photos of where he was covering the incident in the nation’s capital.

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart doesn’t believe that the events on Jan. 6th should be considered a riot.

Some of the nation’s top opinion leaders also had a lot to say it as well.

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Jen Psaki Will Officially Join MSNBC This Fall

Psaki will appear across all MSNBC cable and streaming programming.



What was the worst kept secret in news media became official as former White House press secretary Jen Psaki officially joined MSNBC following her stint with the Biden Administration. 

MSNBC president Rashida Jones states Psaki’s official move to the network will come in the fall when she will appear across all the network’s cable and streaming programming. 

“Jen’s sharp wit and relatability combined with the mastery of the subjects she covers have made her a household name across the nation,” Jones said in a statement, per TV Newser

“Her extensive experience in government and on the campaign trail and perspective as a White House and Washington insider is the type of analysis that sets MSNBC apart. She’s a familiar face and trusted authority to MSNBC viewers, and we look forward to her insight during this consequential election season.”

Psaki will also host a new streaming show for the network, which will launch in early 2023. The program “will bring together her unique perspective from behind the podium and her deep experience in the highest levels of government and presidential politics to MSNBC viewers,”

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Greta Van Susteren Will Get Back to Her Roots with Newsmax Show

“The Record” will debut on June 14 and be based in Washington D.C.



Greta Van Susteren is a news anchor veteran who has worked for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC during her journalism career; now, she’s heading to Newsmax, where she will host “The Record with Greta Van Susteren,” which will lead the outlet’s nightly lineup.

“The Record” will debut on June 14 and be based in Washington D.C. Furthermore, this show will be Van Susteren’s third cable news show with “Record” in the title, following “On the Record” on Fox News and For the “Record” on MSNBC.

“With all that is going on in the world, I am getting back to my roots: a daily live news show with real reporting from the places where things are happening,” Van Susteren said in a statement obtained by Barrett News Media

“I have been friends with [Newsmax CEO] Chris Ruddy for years, and he is giving me this great opportunity to return, giving me the complete freedom to cover the news that really matters to people. I have been impressed by Newsmax’s team and their success—and would love to be part of a news network that is really growing.”

Van Susteren has been doing work for Newsmax already, including hosting a debate between candidates from Pennsylvania for the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

“No one in journalism better exemplifies Newsmax’s mission to provide fact-based news and fact-based opinion than Greta Van Susteren,” Newsmax Media CEO Chris Ruddy said. “We are so pleased and honored to have Greta lead our nightly news lineup of programs.”

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Magaret Sullivan: You Can’t Split the Strands of Tucker Carlson, 4chan

CNN host Brian Stelter spoke to The Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan about the “replacement theory” ideology.



Getty Images

It’s been over a week since an alleged gunman went inside a Tops supermarket in Buffalo and killed ten people. Since then, there’s been plenty of conversation regarding the “replacement theory” ideology. 

CNN host Brian Stelter spoke to The Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan about the matter. The two discussed the effects that strains like Fox News host Tucker Carlson and websites like 4chan help push the ideology, leading to some mass shootings. 

Furthermore, Sullivan states that Carlson and those websites cannot differentiate the two strains that play in further growing the “replacement theory.”

“The gunman was motivated by the same kind of broad and growing ideology that we’re seeing in these other places that you’re talking about, this idea that white people are being replaced by Jews, by black people, by the others,” Sullivan said.

“And it is a very ugly and clearly a very destructive and a very disturbing tendency. And you cannot really separate the strands of Tucker Carlson on Fox News and 4chan and all the other ways that this ideology is making its way into our society in very, very disturbing and very destructive ways.”

Some media members have come to the defense of Carlson, such as former Fox News and current SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly. 

“Why can’t we spend two f***ing minutes mourning the people who are dead and trying to understand that we have insane people in this country. We have lunatics. It’s a huge country!” Kelly said. 

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