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Dorin Dickerson To Join Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack in Mornings on 93.7 The Fan

“The trio will begin working together starting on August 1.”



93.7 The Fan is adding a player’s perspective to morning drive. Pittsburgh’s sports talk leader revealed today that former NFL veteran Dorin Dickerson is joining “The Fan Morning Show” alongside Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack. The trio will begin working together starting on August 1.

“It is always great to see someone grow within our organization, and through his time in various roles with us, Dorin has truly developed into a host who can entertain on topics well beyond the field,” said Michael Spacciapolli, Vice President and Market Manager of Audacy Pittsburgh. “As a former All-American at Pitt and NFL player, Dorin has a perspective that our listeners truly appreciate and we are extremely excited to welcome his thoughts on the sports world and all things Pittsburgh to ‘The Fan Morning Show’ every day.”

Dickerson’s football career began in western PA. He was a High School All American and Pennsylvania Player of the Year in 2005 at West Allegheny. He then moved on to play for the University of Pittsburgh and was a First-team All American tight end in 2009. Next came an opportunity to perform at the highest level, entering the NFL as a seventh-round draft pick of the Houston Texans in 2010. Dickerson would go on to play six seasons in the league, spending time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans.

“Excited is an understatement…I didn’t know what my purpose was after I retired from the NFL,” said Dickerson. “Five years ago, I found myself sitting in the 93.7 The Fan studio doing a three-hour show, and immediately fell in love with sports radio. That opportunity wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Larry Richert having faith in me and passing my name along to the station. I can’t thank Michael Spacciapolli and brand manager Kraig Riley enough for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I plan to bring positive energy, experience, and fun to ‘The Fan Morning Show.’ I can’t wait.”

Since February 2017, Dickerson has worked as an on-air talent for The Fan. His addition to the morning show adds a new dimension, and valuable on the field insight which should make an already successful show even better.

Sports Radio News

Craig Carton Details ‘MMA Uncensored Live’ Demise to Dana White

“About, maybe, 10 shows into it, Kevin Kay — the former President of Spike — comes to me and says ‘Listen, from now on, you can’t talk about the UFC’.”



Craig Carton

UFC President Dana White appeared on WFAN’s Carton & Roberts Wednesday, which allowed Craig Carton the opportunity to tell White how he was partially responsible for the demise of Carton’s short-lived television show MMA Uncensored Live.

“I was not the biggest MMA guy, but I knew Dana and I knew the guys at Spike real well,” Carton said. “Spike decided to get in bed with Bellator, which was just a stupid decision because the UFC’s everything, right? So, Dana, you don’t know this story, I don’t think. About, maybe, 10 shows into it, Kevin Kay — the former President of Spike — comes to me and says ‘Listen, from now on, you can’t talk about the UFC’. And I go ‘Wait a minute. The name of the show is MMA Uncensored Live’. It was on Thursday nights. All we’re doing is talking UFC. And he says to me ‘I’m not putting any more money in Dana White’s pockets. F*** Dana White’. And I go ‘Then I quit. I can’t do the show’. Because it’s about the UFC.

“So he goes ‘Alright. I’m gonna compromise with you’. And the compromise was you can talk about a fight from last weekend but you can’t promote the fights that are happening in 48 hours. Which made no sense to me. And then when the poop hit the fan, I went on MMA Uncensored Live and I said, on the air, Joe Rogan is the best sports analyst of any sport on any network. And two weeks later, the show disappeared. So thanks, Dana. Appreciate that.”

White, who made headlines for calling an ESPN reporter a “scumbag”, then went on to detail how a Viacom executive — the parent company of Spike — who calls himself “Philippe Doo-mond” was one of the most “arrogant, pompous, goofy” people on the planet. White said “His real name is Phil Dauman. He’s from Jersey,” before detailing how Dauman thought Viacom had built the UFC into what it was at the time. Those ineptitudes, in White’s eyes, made the show’s cancellation unsurprising.

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Sports Radio News

Dustin Fox: Adam The Bull ‘Challenged Me Every Day To Get Better’

“To do good radio, you can’t just be sitting there and not taking a stance. He taught me to be tough.”



After the April exit of Adam The Bull for Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan, he and Dustin Fox shared an emotional on-air goodbye. The pair had worked together for 11 years, and Fox said he learned plenty from his now departed co-host.

“I learned a lot from him,” Fox told Crain’s Cleveland Business. “To do good radio, you can’t just be sitting there and not taking a stance. He taught me to be tough. Early on, he ran roughshod over me because he’s born to do this. He challenged me every day to get better.”

Fox added when you were taking constructive criticism from your co-host for so long, eventually you’re going to elevate to their level.

“Not in a negative way, but it’s like playing your older brother in basketball. You want to get better and that’s what happened with us. He brought out the best in me, and that made the show really good.”

Adam “The Bull” Gerstenhaber left 92.3 The Fan on April 1st. He now is the host of The Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show on YouTube, which streams daily between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Dustin Fox also had high praise for his current co-host, Nick Wilson, who joined the program on July 18th.

“He’s ready for this and he’s perfect for what I was looking for. When we auditioned people and I gave input on who we interviewed, I wanted someone similar to Adam. I wanted somebody with a strong voice, someone where you’re going to have fun together and have a good rapport. A lot of good candidates auditioned and we could have done the show with anybody who reached the final stages of the audition, but I’m happy Nick’s back.”

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Sports Radio News

T-Bob Hebert: Bally Sports is Taking Advantage of Customers

“Pathetic, Bally, read the room! You suck!”

Jordan Bondurant



T-Bob Hebert

Bally Sports is getting set to roll out its premium streaming service Bally Sports+ on September 26.

All 19 of the Bally regional sports networks will be able to stream games on the service.

Those interested can pay either $19.99 a month or $189.99 per year for the service. But one Baton Rouge host thinks the asking price to watch New Orleans Pelicans games this season on the service is too steep.

“I‘m going to put this as succinctly as I can. F Bally Sports,” T-Bob Hebert said on Off The Bench on 104.5 ESPN Wednesday. “The worst part is I love (Pelicans broadcasters) Joel Meyers and Antonio Daniels. I think they’re one of the best combinations in the entirety of the NBA. And it’s not even that you’re asking me to pay. I’m down to pay.”

“But $20 a month?!? That is rapacious,” Hebert added. “You are taking advantage because you know that you have the only avenue with which to view this Pelicans team.”

Currently Bally Sports New Orleans is only available in the market on DirecTV. Apparently none of the other cable providers carry the network, so Bally seems to have fans by the jugular. That doesn’t sit well with Hebert.

“‘Just bundle it with DirecTV,'” Hebert said mockingly. “I don’t want to!! I just want to watch the games!”

Hebert added that given the added excitement level surrounding this Pelicans team, it’s really doing the fans a disservice to charge $20 a month to watch.

“They’re making it oppressively hard and expensive on the actual people who care and want to watch,” he said. “Pathetic, Bally, read the room! You suck!”

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